Chapter Seventeen» In His Memory

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There comes a time in life. When all stills. It as though the very air, around you disappears. Leaving you breathless. The waves that once  crashed against the shore stop, and all the stars fall down from the sky. Spreading darkness in each corner. All around, everything is in ruin, and all you can do is stand there. Unable to do anything.

A heavy silence echoed around me. Leaving me dazed. The iota of support that I gripped against, was the phone in my hands. As I stared ahead, looking at the confused looking man before me. Nothing made sense, nothing was as it was. Everything was twisting and turning and all I could do was look at him. Standing before me,  like a mirage.

The slamming of my beating heart numbed my ears, causing me to stagger backwards. My heavy lids casted down on to the phone. Hearing Dada, calling out, making Helen soft voice reach my ears. Stilling me.

" Aazeen, it's so lovely to see you. I missed you" the young woman spoke, embracing me in a tight hug. Stabling my weak knees, whilst my shocked gaze looked up. Seeing the man, look at me. A confused look plastering his features.

This couldn't be. This was a nightmare. Yaseen was dėad. I saw his bruised face in the coffin. His once pink lips were blue, and nothing remained in him. Just a body, with no soul. I saw Dada, Omar, Shahir and  Arshad pick his coffin; whilst Abba, Khalil,  Uncle Muhammad and Uncle Huzaifah picked Muskaans.

I saw them take their bodies away. I saw it with my two eyes, then how is it. That there before me, stands a man. Looking exactly like my Yaseen. In every angle. In every breath.

" Aazeen, this is my older brother Hussain. He lives in Australia" Helen spoke, pointing towards Yase- Hussain. As she smiled lovingly at her older brother.

Swallowing down my tighten throat, I could see the man offer me a soft smile. His face creased in to a soft dimple, causing his eyes to shine. A soft chuckle escaping his lips.

He looked like him. Just like him. I mentally whispered feeling my insides turn. Making bile rise in my throat, a metallic feeling splurging within the back of my mouth.

Moving away from Helen. My shaky hand clasped against my mouth, as I rushed towards the door. Feeling my insides ready to erupt.

He wasn't Yaseen. Yaseen was dėad, then why. Oh Lord, why did he have to look like him? Why did my brother-in-law have to look like my dėad Husband. Oh Allah, why?

I gasped, slamming the door behind me. Feeling my stomach twist, as the little food from this morning came out. Causing me to cough, tears streaming down on to my face.

Gripping against the toilet seat. I could feel my body shaking, tears streaming down on my face. As I sat there on the floor. Feeling my world crash around me. Low sobs ripped from my lips. My mind swirling with hundreds of emotions, unable to conceal itself.

" Aazeen? Aazeen are you okay? Oh God, Aazeen? " Helen worried voice  came from the other end. Making me stand, my knees barely able to support itself. Inhaling  sharply, I  glanced at the mirror, seeing my nose and cheeks red. A horrified look plastering my features. 

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