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who was your first footballer crush? mine was Ronaldo & Hernandez. I never used to really love players that much ever since I started stanning Griezmann, Bartra, and Neymar.

The next morning, Audrey awoke, jumping out of bed and looking for an outfit to wear. She freshened up in the bathroom and then got dressed, decking herself up since she was going to spend the day with Gareth and Sergio. She really did need a break from home.

Audrey takes a selfie and then posts it on Instagram because her posts were lacking and she had been very inactive.



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spending tonight with my fav GarethBale and the hoe SergioRamos also, my birthday is not long awaayyyy

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Audrey put her phone in her pocket, whilst walking downstairs, she looked around and saw that the house was empty, everyone was gone. Apart from Laura. She stood there in the kitchen humming.

Audrey thought about last night when Neymar and she had their little moment and she just wanted to slap herself. Ignoring all of the things in her mind that were driving her crazy, she walked into the kitchen and found Rafinha sitting on the breakfast table.

'I thought all you boys left?' Audrey questions as she looked around for the others.

'They did. I'm still here because Laura and I want to go out bowling or something,' Rafinha replies, flicking through a magazine.

Just before Audrey could reply, the doorbell began to ring.

'I wonder who it could be,' Laura says as Audrey goes to open the door.

When she opens the door, she squeals, 'Gareth!'

'And Sergio,' she says, rolling her eyes but then smiles right after. He kisses her on the cheek and Gareth just gives her a hug.

Laura hears Audrey say the name (Sergio) and her eyes widen in shock. Was she seriously friends with him now? 

Audrey skips over with Gareth and Sergio who were both wearing casual, gray hoodies. Somehow, she loved them like they were friends for ages even though they had only met yesterday or something.

Audrey smiled, since she knew that Laura had no problem against Gareth. However, that wasn't the case with Sergio because of the way Sergio and Laura looked at each other when he walked into the kitchen.

'Oh, Sergio, please tell me you don't hate Rafa too!' Audrey says, laughing but Rafinha shakes his head to say that he had no problem with Sergio.

'Oh, my. Audrey come over here!' Rafinha exclaims and Audrey does as he asks.

They both look at his phone, quietly discussing something while Laura and Sergio just looked at each other, not taking their eyes off each other.

Audrey interrupts their moment by yelling.

'Gareth, Sergio! We won't be able to go out today, there's going to be a heavy storm. Rafa just showed me the news! That means Rafa and Laura won't be able to go out with each other, how unlucky!'

'Why do you sound relieved?' asks Rafinha, laughing as he always does.

Audrey shoots a look to Rafinha, rolling her eyes and then looks at Laura and Sergio.

'Why are you two staring at each other?' questions Audrey, an eyebrow raised.

No one replies, they just look away, awkwardly.

'Well, Gareth, Sergio, you wanna go upstairs? I still have to show you my collection of jerseys,' says Audrey, excitedly and Gareth just happily nods in response.

The three walk upstairs, Sergio acting quieter than usual, Audrey notices but doesn't bother asking him about it.

They walk into her room, Gareth looking around to see a Borussia Dortmund calendar making him chuckle.

'You really are obsessed, aren't you?' he asks, still chuckling.

'You still haven't seen the jerseys,' she says, rushing over to her wardrobe and opening it.

She takes a handful of clothes and dumps it on her bed, showing him all her jerseys even if it made her look crazy.

'This is Aubameyang, Dembélé, Kagawa, Mario Götze, Marc Bartra, and my personal favorite, Marco Reus,' exclaimed Audrey, pointing at every jersey as she named them.

Sergio just looks at her in amusement, 'Wow,' he says. 'So when are you going to buy my jersey?' he questions.

Audrey laughs but takes it into serious consideration, 'True, I guess. Though I don't want to buy a Real Madrid jersey, so I might get the Spain one.'

'Is it because you like Barça?' he asks, curiously.

'Well, I have started to admire the club and I just don't like Madrid,' she answers, honestly.

Before Gareth or Sergio could say anything, her phone begins to vibrate with a few notifications.

SNAPCHAT - NeymarJr sent you a chat.

Sergio looks at her phone and smirks, 'Open it,' he says. 

Audrey hears him but takes a minute to calm down, her heart was beating really fast and she suddenly felt a hot blood rush inside her. This was all because of what happened last night when Neymar and she could have almost kissed him.

'Fine, I'll do it for you,' Sergio adds, taking her phone from her hand as she froze still, thinking about it all over again.

NeymarJr: I'm sorry about last night, I don't know what happened. Can we move past the awkwardness? Xx

Sergio and Gareth just stare at the phone.

'Wait, what happened after we left? I thought he was mad at you? Is that what he's talking about?' interrogates Sergio as if he was an interviewer.

Audrey shakes her head, 'No, he apologized and laid down next to me and then we started talking about football and then we had a moment and almost kissed,' she explains.

'I know, I know. I hate myself for it but at least we never actually kissed,' she adds.

Gareth looked more shook than ever and then placed an arm around her, 'Well, are you going to reply?'

'I think I might leave him on read.'

'What?' the boy's gasp.

'It means I'm going to ignore him.'

'But why?' Sergio asks.

'Now, guys, this is going to be a long rant so listen up...'

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