Chapter 23

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----------------NALA'S P.O.V-------------

"Bruno wanted you to get a haircut too so he told me to bring you here." Phillip said we stopped in front of the salon.

I could hear him clearly but my voice could not respond. I felt weak and all I could do was stand there. I couldn't even run like last time. I looked at Phillip's jacket as if the gun was going to come out and shoot me by itself.

"C'mon." He said as he realized he was not going to get an answer from me.

He opened the door and dragged me in with him. He reached for his pocket and took his wallet out.

"Here. That should be enough." He said as he took out $100 from his wallet.

He put the money in my hands and left the salon, not bothering to tell me where he was going. I walked towards the front of the salon where a blonde woman greeted me with a white smile and red lipstick.

"Hello, what would you like to get today?" She said as he clicked her pen in a fastened way.

"I... I need to look completely different." I said, my voice a complete whisper.

Her smile disappeared and she closely at me.

"Hmm... Let's see what we can do."


"Done!" The blonde woman said as she turned me around in my chair, my face now facing the mirror.

I gasped at the view of my hair. It was up to my shoulders and was much curlier than before. My hair color was now black which made my blue eyes pop out much more than my brown hair. A very drastic change but I liked it. The woman smiled at me and helped get out up from the comfy leather chair. She walked me towards the counter where I paid her $50.

"Thank you for coming and I hope you are satisfied with your new look!" The cheerful woman said as I left the salon.

I started walking when the memory of Phillip and his gun popped up in my head. Goosebumps covered my skin at the clear memory of the black gun and at the memory of the ginger man from the barber shop.

"They're not the best people to be around. Always gambling and drug dealing. They're hooligans, always up to something."

It can't be. It isin't true. They aren't criminals. They just have a bad rep. This will all get cleared up.

My heart started making up all these excuses of what could really be happening but my mind knew better.

--------------BRUNO'S P.O.V-------------

"Thanks for the new cut." I told Robert as I paid him for the haircut.

"No problem. By the way, I wouldn't hang around these parts that much during the day. Cops have been looking extra hard for you." He said as he put the money in the old cash register.

"Thanks." I said as I left the shop.

The air was cold and the clouds were starting to build up. I looked around for any sign of Phillip or Nala but the only thing I saw was empty buildings and used cigarettes on the floor.

Where are you guys?

I started walking towards the salon where I had told Phillip to take Nala when I ran into someone, more specifically a female.

"Sorry." The female quietly said.


"Nala?" I asked as I tried to get a look at the person in front of me.

The female looked up at me and sure enough it was Nala. Her blue eyes looked bigger than before and her hair was way curlier and shorter than before. Her skin looked lighter and i'm guessing that was because of her new black hair. She seemed like a completely different person but the feeling I had for her was still there, I was just not sure what that feeling really was.

"I didn't recognize you." I honestly stated.

"That was the point wasn't it." She said in a harsh tone.

"What's up with you?" I asked her as I reached for her hands.

She moved her hands towards her jean pockets and looked down.

"Hey." I said as I tried to lift her chin up but she just stepped back.

"Let's find Phillip and go." She said as she walked away and left me alone.

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