Chapter 6: Alone Forever

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I began to sob again. Mom! Dad! What do I do?!

" Myra, can I please come-"

" No I want to be alone."


I began to look in the mirror. My blonde hair was all tangled instead of straight. My eyes looked puffed and my eye liner was still perfect. My pajamas were stained with blood. The blood mom had gave me.

I wish I had NEVER dated Jayden. I grabbed a brush from my bag(Ky gave me.) I began to brush my hair. And I fixed my eyeliner. The only thing left was a change of clothes.

So I sped to my room. And was stunned to see he had ordered his guards to bring everything from my bedroom closet to here. So I grabbed my gray colored skinny jeans, a black t-shirt that said "Peace!", and my black sneakers with white on them.

I walk out and speed to the kitchen. To find a fridge full of bags. Bags of a dark red liquid. Blood.

I can already feel my fangs tingling for the sensation of blood. I grab one of the bags. And pierce my fangs into the plastic. And do the same thing I did to the hospital bag and mice.

Once I ate I sped to my room. And grab my earbuds and phone. And start some music. And sit alone in the bathroom, I was in earlier.

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