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"What about me?" Jimin asked with a questionable look. I look at Jimin with an embarrassing smile.

"Oh hey, Jimin! It is nice to meet you again! I didn't know you were here. What are you doing here?" I snickered, nudging Hoseok secretly for help. He looked at me and poked his tongue at me. I begged him for help with a pout on my face but still declines my offer.

"I was just about to leave this place until I heard my name. What did you guys say before?" Jimin asked.

"Ahh it was nothing," I laughed sheepily, pushing Taehyung and Hoseok out of the door. 

"Uh..We better go now or else we might be late for class," I said to Hoseok and Taehyung who were giving me sad looks. 

"B-But I-I wanna see you and Ji-" I quickly covered Taehyung's mouth, chuckling at Jimin while he was giving me a suspicious look as if I am hiding something. 

"Anyways bye Jiminie! It is nice seeing you again" I waved happily at Jimin, leaving the practice room, skipping happily towards my classroom with Hoseok and Taehyung, realizing at what did I just said. My face turned fully red.

 I-I just called Jimin, Jiminie.

I pulled Hoseok and Taehyung's hands while running away far away from Jimin to our classroom. Passing a crowd of students, we tried not to push them as they were blocking the way. We all said 'excuse me' and 'sorry' to the people we tried to go through. 

From all of the tiring work, we finally have reached our classroom huffing and puffing from all of that running and pushing. 

"That was embarrassing, I just called him Jiminie," I said putting my hands on my knees. 

"I know right but that nickname is really cute, though. I bet he is smiling right now when you call him that" Hoseok laughed. 

I smacked Hoseok on the shoulder. "Yah you could have helped me. I didn't know what to say," I whined making him chuckle. 

"Well, too bad," He poked his tongue out. 


The bell rang for class, making us sit down on our seats.

By the time the teacher came in, everyone was in their spot, looking at the teacher without speaking. The teacher smiled at us and held a packet of candy canes up high for everyone to see. Everyone cheered

"Merry Christmas everyone, here are some treats for you all," The teacher said, handing out the candy canes to all.

Giving it to the last person, the teacher went back to the front and began the lesson. 

"Okay class, since today is Christmas. I decided for you all to make a letter to Santa. Even though all of you are already old for this, I really want you to write a letter to Santa just for fun. You can talk about the things you need and things you wish for. You can write anything you like," The teacher smiled.

I took out a piece of paper and a pen from my bag and began writing a letter to Santa as told by the teacher. 

I tapped my pen against the table, thinking of something to write for Santa. Since it is Christmas and I can tell what I want to tell to Santa. It has to be something that I have been wanting for, for so many years. Something that can make my Christmas the best thing that can happen in my life. As I know what to write for Santa, I began writing on the paper making, scribbling sounds.


Dear Santa,

Even though you are not gonna read this letter and it is just for fun. I just wanted to say that I am a good 18 years old boy who never done any bad things nor naughty things this year, so I am probably on your good list to give me a present. The things I really want for Christmas this year and I wish I can have is Love. I have never experienced love before and I hope I can this year. Surely I have experienced family and friends love but I really want to experience the romantic way of love and what it feels like of being in love. I know you can't give it to me as an object but I want to make it as a wish and hopefully, it can come true. I hope it appears like a surprise. 

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