Alian hadn’t been home for about two weeks since I got here.  I don’t know if he is bipolar or he is suffering from some kind of mental disorder.

Sometimes he is sweet, loving and caring and sometimes he is the plain opposite, rude distant and pure vile.

The call affirmed my suspicions that he hated me, I think he felt obligated to take me in. I appealed to his human nature as a pity case. His home was musky with dust without his presence. I wouldn’t lie; I miss his stares that punctured my heart. His snorts that moved his nose an inch closer to the root of his face.

Sarah was like my mother; she would wake me up with breakfast in bed. I was living like a princess in Alian home; like I was the lady of the house. It was astonishing how I rose from the garbage can to a bed. I haven’t left the house since I was shipped here, my kind of abduction. I didn’t know if this was a temporary stay or it was a permanent home for me. Alian hasn’t been properly around for us to discuss my stay; he has been up and down the world, busy with the chain of hotels he manages.

A smile escaped my lips as I visualised his heavy grins, he had a way with words; He sweet talks his way to every answer.  The other day, he asked about my past, I was about to spill but thank God Sarah came in.

I grabbed my netted sweater and hanged it over my back, I wanted to clear my head. I decided that a walk will do me good. I lurked around the shrubs that stilled free in the beautifully trimmed garden. It was full of tulips, carnation, roses, and dandelions. It was a variegated sight not to miss.

A car honked his horn at the gate; the automatic gates stretched open revealing a white mustang. The driver boomed loud music from the car. He had in one hand a large martini to go and a strange woman dressed in nothing but a bikini.  

Sarah welcomed the strange man in with a hug and her famous smile; he must be related to Alian somehow; maybe a brother. Alian is the only heir to the Jamiere Enterprises. Or maybe he is a cousin. I erased the thoughts of the strange man off my mind and decided to stay in the garden for an hour more.

I walked in to the corridor of the brown paled walls on the down floor; admiring the paintings of famous artists plastered on the walls.

“I smell fresh meat” a distant voice broke the silence in the room. I turned my back to see the strange man across the other side of the room smirking sardonically. His towel hung very low on his hip, gifting the environment with a glimspe of his hard rock bod.

“My eyes are up here” the strange man pointed his finger to his face I took two steps forward and reclined my feet to the end of the door, he motioned to the door with a nod and he was playing mind games with me. I needed to leave like right now

“Baby!!!!!” a shout exploded around the house which caused the strange man to gravitate towards the direction of the door.

“I’ll be there right away”


Sarah set up the table for dinner. I literally had to beg her  so i could help around the house. I didn’t like being lazy, i wasn’t brought up like even though my parents were wealthy.

‘Dinner is served’ Sarah made me announce. I was going to dine with Mr. sexy on the table. Let’s not forget his company.          
    Strange man approached the table licking his lips as his eyes spotted the set of dishes sprawled on the table. Or was it at me or the dishes? I didn’t know but I chose to believe it’s the food. He had replaced his sinful towel with a plain white vest and a three quarter chinos short. His “friend” had decently worn a robe considering she came in nothing but a bikini.

The sounds of spoons hitting soup bowls, and knifes murdering turkeys filled the dining room.

“Hey pretty face....” the strange man nudged my arm to tell that he was talking to me

“What your name?” I flicked my hazelnut eye open to his question. Why did he want to know me? Sarah understanding the situation asked an open question,

“Who is ready for dessert, I whipped some very good crème brulee”

Saved by Sarah again.


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