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Your POV

"Pssst Y/N/N," Michael my best friend whispered.

"What?" I hissed while stocking the kids aisle with toys.

"Isn't that your crush?" He smirked while jerking his head to where the my crush stood.

I turned around to see the one and only Camila Cabello looking around with her little sister and her four best friends.

"Holy shit Mikey," I exclaimed in a hushed voice.

"Go talk to her, you've got that aisle next anyway," Michael encouraged me.

"But..." I sighed with hesitance.

"Aww, c'mon she's already looking your way," he said.

I whipped my head around to be met with brown eyes for a brief second, she quickly averted her stare to somewhere else.

I quietly chuckled and turned back around to continue stocking the toys.

"Why aren't you going down there?" He hissed.

"You know me Michael, I'm a fucking wimp, I can't even be in her presence without fidgeting," I argued.

"There's bad quality guitars down there, play her a song!" He screamed.

I immediately looked around to see people looking at us.

"Shut the fuck up Michael," I glared.

"C'mon I'll help you out," he confidently said.

Before I could question him he was already dragging me down there by the collar of my red Target polo.

"Okay Michael the only reason why I wanted to work at Target was to avoid talking to people and just stock the shelves," I tried pulling away from his grip.

"And you're making me do this against my will, I don't wanna talk to anybody!" I frantically rambled while fighting against his hold.

"Y/N, shut up," he hissed as we came to a stop.

As I was about to scold Michael I felt six pairs of eyes on us.

"Hello! We're just here to test the instruments," Michael over enthusiastically said.

As Michael went to grab two bad quality guitars and I was left alone with my crush, her best friends and little sister.

I cleared my throat before speaking, "h-hi."

I furrowed my eyebrows while mentally scolding myself- dammit Y/N, stop fucking stuttering!

Camila let out a cute giggle while the other four just smirked. Poor little one didn't know what was happening.

"Hi Y/N," Camila greeted with a small grin.

"So girls, Y/N and I are thinking about signing up for the talent show," Michael smiled.

"Oh, we are?" I was taken back by the lie.

"Yeah," his eyes told me to play along.

"And I was wondering if you could tell us your opinion, if we're worthy for the talent show," he lied straight through his teeth.

"Yeah, sure you guys would be great," Dinah gave us a soft smile.

"So Michael," I hissed.

"What are we performing?" I glared at him.

"Intoxicated by The Cab," he smirked knowing that song reminds me of Camila.

I mentally flipped him off knowing damn well he knows that I have a problem with people hearing me sing.

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