"TEXT" (a short story by Jamich)

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Its Just a Copy of Jamich's short film .... I just want to make it a story here in wattpad !! :>

If you want to watch the vid of this here's the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTfGxrAMQDA

Paolinne MICHelle Liggayu as Princess  

 JAMvhille Sebastian as Ivan

They say

It feels great to have a Bestfriend

There's someone who will protect you 

There's someone who will make you happy 

But are you willing to risk the friendship

In exchange for love

That you've always dreamed of 

My name is Princess

Ever since gradeschool 

Ivan has always been my classmates

Our parents are good friend that's why wherever i am,

Ivan's there as well

In good times and bad times

In spirited times and in times of trial

That's who he is 

Ivan, My partner in life

Hangang jan lang po muna .... :>

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