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This concert was going to be slammin', he thought as he laid in bed and stared up into the dark ceiling. So many people, so many opportunities to let the real him come out. All these years, he'd been honing his macabre skills. He was proud that those skills now included blending in with normal human beings.


He silently scoffed to himself at the thought. Normal was so pathetic. He'd never been as bored in his life as he was when he pretended to be one of the normal, stupid people. They walked around with inane ideas in their heads and performing futile actions. Some would even pull others into their ridiculousness by creating pop songs that repeat the same nonsense over and over.

That was another reason he was looking forward to the concert. Some of the metal still had silly repetitive lyrics, but the music moved him. The bass beat was like his very own heart beat, the way it pounded and vibrated through his body while he stood close to live speakers--there was nothing like it. Except maybe torture and murder. Those things were the only few things that had a way of making him feel anything. When the blood poured, when the shouts rang, when the guitarist shredded, he was truly alive. He could feel the excitement pulsing in his veins just in the anticipation of the next day.

This time, he even had something special planned. He had been to many metal concerts, and this one was the best. Several bands would be playing, switching out stages all day long. It was exhilarating. He knew, he'd experienced two Metalfest concerts already. It would be hard, but he had an idea that he thought would work. It would be risky of course, but he liked to be risky. What he wasn't sure of was this venue. He hadn't attended a concert in this particular place, because normally they didn't have them there. This concert was unique and huge, requiring them to set up an outside venue. He'd have to scout it out, but he was pretty sure it would be doable. If nothing else, he would find some way to make his experience even more exciting.

He rolled over and drifted to sleep with murderous thoughts in his demented mind.

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