Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

“What the fuck are you doing here?” I ask as I stop in the doorway, knowing that space is always best with Stasha.

She’s sitting on the bed, her legs crossed, her blonde hair curled, her hands covered with by tan leather gloves. “Now is that anyway to talk to an old lover?” she asks, faking a frown as she rises to her feet, her heels clicking against the hardwood floor.

“Old lover?” I question, bracing my hands on the doorframe. “I think you’ve gotten your words a little mixed up. We were never lovers, Stasha. You were just there to pass time when I was bored and I’m pretty sure you knew that.”

A fake frown deepens as she slowly strolls around Aislin’s room covered with bags of herbs, candles, vials of powder and other Wicca ingredients. She’s pretending to simply glance around at everything, but I know Stasha well enough to know that everything she does is calculated and she has to be looking for something.

“You know, I’d say I was hurt but what you just said.” She runs her finger along the desk, pausing to look at Aislin’s opened spell book. “But you know me well enough to know I don’t get hurt.” She cocks her head to the side, reading something on one of the page. It makes me nervous. Stasha’s not a witch, so I know she can’t actually cast a spell, but I do know her well enough to know it’s not good for her to be interested in magic. And if she did get a witch to cast a spell for her—which she easily could—it’d be for her own benefit. And Stasha never wants anything good. Everything she does is based solely on greed.

I cross my arms and lean against the doorway. “Why are you here?”

She wavers, and then turns around with an innocent look in her face. “Who says I’m not just here to see you?”

“Why are you here?” I repeat, giving her a blank expression.

She rolls her eyes as she lets out a sigh, slumping back against the desk. “Oh fine. Pretend to be annoyed that I’m here, but deep down I know you miss me,” she says and I can’t help it. I laugh at her and she scowls at me, losing her cool. If I’m not careful, then she could very easily take of the gloves and drain my life simply by touching me. But at the same time, I don’t want to give her the satisfaction of letting her think she has the upper hand.

“I’m sorry,” I say with no sincerity.  “Did I hurt you feelings?”

She narrows her eyes at me and seconds later she’s slipping off her gloves, taking out one finger at a time, attempting to torment me. “Need I remind you what I am, Alex?” She takes a few steps forward, holding the gloves in one hand. “What I can do?”

Despite how much I want to stand here and push her as much as I can, I also want to get her the hell out of the house. The last thing I need is a crazy ex-girlfriend of mine running around while my current girlfriend is possessed by what seem like the devil. That seems like it could be a disaster in the making.

“Tell me what you want,” I say, irritated.

She gives me a conniving grin, stopping just a few steps away from me. “Not without a price. You know that.”

“And why would I give you anything?” I ask, standing up straight. “When I don’t even know if you’re here for a good reason or not.”

She stretches her hands out in front of her, pretending to examine her nails. Blackish vines appear beneath her skin, curving all the way up her forearm. She’s channel her energy to make it appear like she’s about to kill me. But I still have some time before we get to that point… I think.

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