Chapter 9

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As me, Vivian, Emma and Jackie were walking into the mall we made our plans for what stores to go to. I suggested we go to Hollister then, Abercrombie then American Eagle. After we would go to the food court. The girls agreed so we made our way to Hollister.

I took my wallet to check how much money i had. Inside i found a little piece of plastic with a note on it, 

' Ainsley, since me and your father are leaving you i left this for you. It does have a limit, which is around 5k. Try not to spend it all. Its for the whole year. Be responsible. Love, Mom.'

My mouth almost hit the floor, this was great! I walked over to a table and picked up a cute white puffy shirt. I then grabbed a black pencil skirt. 

I ran to the changing room and put them on. I then walked out and saw Emma, "Em! Does this look okay?" 

She nodded her head, "I think it looks super cute! It screams date night with Kyle!" She smirked at me.

I laughed, "Okay then, I'll get it." 

She smiled at me then walked away. As i was walking to the checkout i saw a black cardigan, white skinny jeans and a purple hoodie that said "Hollister" in white letters. 

After checking out we went to Abercrombie and American Eagle. When we made it to the food court i had bags filled with t-shirts, jeans, skirts and sweatshirts. Even a couple pairs of shorts. 

I walked over to the Subway stand and got a Spicy Italian and a Code Red Mountain Dew. 

I sat down and started eating. The others had just gotten coffees, but i like food. As we were eating some guys sat at a table next to ours. The guys were good looking. Vivian, Emma, and Jackie all started to ogle over them.

One of the guys who was a blonde nodded his head at Vivian. Vivian's face was as red as a tomato. I began to laugh. Vivian shot me a look but when back to staring at the guy.

One of them, who was a brunette and looked like the other brunette, started walking over to us. They all pulled up chairs without asking, What gentlemen. 

Blondie spoke first, "I'm Isaac and these are my friends, David and Marc, their cousins"

We all nodded our head. David scooted his chair closer to me and started talking to me, "Hello as he said I'm David, and you are?"

I smiled, "I'm Ainsley."

"what a beautiful name.." His hand was suddenly on the top of my thigh, but it was creeping it's way to the inside of my thigh.

"Uhh.. David..."

He squeezed my thigh a little, "Yes Ainsley?"

I swallowed a lump in my throat, "Please remove your hand from my thigh."

He shook his head,"See I can't do that, because I find you very attractive. Your also playing hard to get. I like hard to get. It makes the chase much more fun."

I stood up, "Well I'm playing impossible to get. Guys like you are players.I don't go out with players." 

Jackie spoke up, "David she's taken by Kyle-"

She was cut off by Marc, who was currently flirting with Emma, "Kyle Johnson! No way!"

All the guys started laughing. Me and the other girls were completely confused.

Davidthen tried to conrtol his laguh, "Kyle is one of the biggest players. He just transfered here from about two towns over. Half of the girls i just talk with have been with him!" All the guys started dying of laughter. I didn't find it funny at all.

I walked away while the girls were yelling for me to come back. I kept walking. 

After taking my phone out i scrolled to Kyle's contact and clicked call.

After 2 rings he answered, "Ainsley, What's up?"

"How many girls have you slept with?"

It took awhile for Kyle to answer, "I don't know.. 20? 30?"

I gasped. Those guys were right, "Your a pig!"

Before I hung up I heard Kyle start talking, "Ainsley I promise you this won't just be a fling. Your different than the other girls. Please Ainsley..."

"Fine Kyle, but if it turns out to be just a fling or you cheat. It's over"

Kyle let out a breath, "Thank you Ainsley"

"Goodbye Kyle" 

"Bye Ainsley"

I then walked back over to the table, "Guys lets go."

Everyone at the table stood. But after each of us shot the guys looks they sat back down. We started walking to the exit when I saw .. Tyler? 

He was walking towards us," Ainsley! Why didn't you answer your phone? That doesn't matter. Let's go." He reached for my arm and started pulling me.

I stopped myself and him, "Tyler what the hell! What's going on?"

He huffed, "My grandfather had a heart attack. We have to go to the hostpital."

"Which Hostpital?"

He sighed, "It's not too far away, about 6 hours only."

My eyes grew huge,"How long will we be gone?"

He shrugged his shoulders, "A week? Maybe two? SO were pretty much gonna miss the first week of school."

I was happy about missing school, but going with his family for a week, maybe more. Being away from Vivian, Jaclyn, Emma and Kyle. I sighed and followed him.

As we walked outside he walked me to his car and we got in. He decided to start a conversation, "So I heard that you and that Kyle Johnson were dating?"

I nodded, "And before you say anything about him being a player I already know. Plus your a pretty big player yourself."

"Me and him are pretty much the same level player. Just don't want to see you get hurt."

I was puzzled. Why did he care? I barely knew him! 

As we pulled into the driveway I went inside and packed my bags. When i was done i ran downstairs and sent a text to all my friends, 

'Have to go away for awhile. Be back in like 1-2 weeks. Miss ya!'

The girls answered with short messeges like, 'Have fun!' and ' Miss ya 2!'.

But Kyle replied, 

'Try to keep your hands off that Tyler guy. I don't want you to be the one cheating. Have fun tho.'

My mouth dropped open. He actually thought I would cheat!Ha! I can barely get my own boyfriend, let alone a side guy. Whatever. 

We then all piled into the car and started driving... 

This will be "Fun" Note the sarcasm.


Author's Note:

I decided to continue it! :) But the updates might be far apart. Im putting a bit more of my time into my other book "A New Person" Sooooo. Yepp. Wellll.. If you have any suggestions, banners or character requests kik me at: Hope_5672 




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