Chapter 43

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After our third lesson of the day, Haley and I walked out of our classroom to find Midge, Kay and Sierra waiting for us. They seemed okay actually – although I’d seen a much more wild side to Midge with Jimmy.

“Hey you two” Kay smiled as we approached them “How’s your first day been Charlotte?” I looked at her, thinking it at least nice that she asked me.

I laughed. “I have to go to detention now” I informed them all. They exchanged glances or mixed surprise and amusement.

“Already?” Midge chuckled. “Oh God Charles, what have you done now?”

“She didn’t do anything” Haley inputted. “I’ll explain later.”

They all nodded as Sierra offered to show me the way to the detention room. I said bye to Midge, Kay and Haley and followed Sierra, trailing behind her slightly, although I did catch up.

“So, what did you do?” she smiled. “Was it that bad? Who was the teacher?”

“Mr Lamb” I shrugged. “I rolled my eyes because I didn’t want to talk about my family roots.”

“Ohh” she laughed. “Lamb? No wonder you got detention for that. The man is an ass and you do not want to get on his bad side. He’s like…almost a sociopath or something!”

“Yeah” I edged. “I know the type.”

We turned the corner again, and I could see the detention room at the end of it. It was rather hard to miss on account of the fact that it had “DETENTION” plastered across the messed window in black bold writing.

“Good luck” she smiled comfortingly as we walked down and approached the door. “If I had to spend my lunchtime with even half of those guys I’d want to die. They’re a bunch on animals.”

“You fill me with so much confidence” I sarcastically joked.

“Oh yeah?” Sierra responded. “Well, after your first full day here you’ll have even more confidence.”

I laughed I response, growing pretty fond of Sierra as she commented that she’d see me later and walked off, leaving me to stand outside of the room alone.

Of course, I was nervous, especially after Sierra’s response. I had no idea what I would face as I walked into that room. And if the fellow detentionees were anything like the people that I had so far encountered that day, then I was in for a god-awful first lunchtime.

I reluctantly pushed down on the door handle and opened the door, only to find the teacher sitting at the desk at the front of the classroom, reading a book. The students in detention were few, and there was only two girls sitting at the back of the room.

The first one had bright purple hair, snakebites, and looked pretty much unstable as far as behaviour was concerned. Her eyes looked completely skittish and I had to ask myself whether or not she was on drugs.

The second was similar in style, but with turquoise hair, and I figured that they were probably good friends. They were talking pretty loudly as I entered, and I realised that I had been staring at them for far too long and I should have probably stopped if I didn’t want them to hit me.

“Charlotte Sanders?” the teacher spoke without even looking up at me.

I nodded.

“Sit.” I was sort of taken back by the approach. Detentions back in England were nothing like that at all. Usually it was with the teacher that had given you the detention. Well, I suppose that was better that spending it with Lamb.

I wavered up and down the aisles of the desks, and chose a seat to the left hand side towards the middle of the layout.

“Hey” the girl with the purple hair called out. “I like your shirt.”

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