Common Stories (Real Rant)

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Finally a real rant?!
Why is every "popular" wattpad book all the same?!
We either have A) cliche as fuck love story with the bad boy / fuck boy and good girl/sarcastic bitch who is abused at home OR arranged marriage with some A++++ business jerk (jumin han) who you fall in love with. Don't even get me started with the god damn FANFICTIONS that are popular.
Scenario is A;
I walk in during my first day of school. Unlike most people I tend to love school, a lot. It's just a way to escape from my...home life. I smile brightly and unknowingly get glares from girls and cat calls from boys. I then run into the one and only, Jason.
"I-I-I'm so s-or-ory!" I manage to squeak.
"Watch where your going prissy bitch!" He yells.
Im in Love!
WHAT 👏🏻THE👏🏻FUCK👏🏻JESSICA? He continues to insult you the rest of the story until he hears your backstory and you hear his and then teenage pregnancy and shit.
Example B;
I walk into my home, the one I hate. My family hates me and they would kick me out if only they didn't have a reputation to maintain.
"Kylie! I have decided you are going to meet *insert extremely exotic sexy name* and marry him!"
"What?! Mom! I hate him!"
"You don't know him?"
I look at her, "I already hate him."
Blah blah blah they meet and she loves him after fighting with him for 60 out of the 65 book chapters, they have THE SCENE, she's pregnant, happy ending, spin off book with their son or daughter in a forbidden relationship.
BAM 100M READS! You cannot tell me there are "exceptions" the only others I didn't list were baby projects where somehow the main character and the GUY THIS DUMB BITCH HATES gets a real baby. OH YEP SCHOOLS AM I RIGHT? Like what about the books written with beautiful grammar (not my books), beautiful descriptions, meaning, and like I don't know maybe a smart female character who actually has an okay life. Like I get showing that life is harsh reality wise but so many books basically show off the bad boy having no parents and parties whenever the fuck he pleases and good girl gets abused all the damn time. Please! The amount of times I have read abuse scenes is honestly amazing.
But nope lemme just go to the party little fucking Jason is throwing while Jessica is forced by "her best friend who leaves her later in the story" to go. They meet, more fights, Jason gets protective just because his ENEMY WHO ACTUALLY CARES says "hello, how are you doing? Are you okay?" To Jessica.

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