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One month until the wedding. That's it. Aside from the constant planning and how something seemed to go wrong every five minutes; Dan's parents had decided they were going to pay you a week long visit and help finish up the wedding plans...yay (note the sarcasm).

*Knock knock*

"Fuck." You said as you mad dashed to the front door. You opened the door to reveal Mr. and Mrs. Howell. You hand't seen them in over half a year but you still will never forget the last time you saw them which just so happened to be the first as well.

"Y/N, there's blood on the back of your pants."

You shuddered at the thought. But trying to get past that, you gave each of them a big hug.

"Oh I do hope that my Bear is treating you right." Mrs. Howell told you.

"He is, don't worry." You smiled, then Mr. Howell came up to you and looked you over thoroughly. 

"It seems to me that you've only gotten prettier." His comment made you blush. At this moment Dan rushed in.

"Hello, sorry, I was editing." Dan smiled and took both his parents into a giant bear hug. You could see why they called him Bear.

"That's quite alright love, just glad we get to be here." His Mum grinned happily.


You were awoken by Mrs. Howell standing over your bed...not creepy at all.

"Ummmm? Could I help you?" You asked sleepily as you rubbed your eyes.

"It's time to go to church!" Mrs. Howell exclaimed.

"Oh um, we don't really go." You told her.

"Oh well that's fine, it's never too late to get started!" She exclaimed and tried to pull you out of bed. But little did she know you were lacking clothes. 

She tugged at you with you only fighting harder to stay in the protection of the blankets. Number one, you didn't want her to see you naked, number two, definitely not in the bed with her son, and number three, especially if she was very religious. 

"Mum?" Dan groaned and rolled over off the bed with a 'thump'. This was normal behavior for Dan, the only problem is he normally took the blankets with him. But you had the blankets in such a tight grasp from fear of giving your future mother in law a good look at your birthday suit. So Dan went down without the blankets, and he was in the same situation you were.

"DAN?!" His Mum shrieked.

"MUM?!" Dan yelled, way more coherently now while trying to cover himself up with just about anything he could grab.

"I'm so so so sorry! You know what? I'll see you after church. Sorry sorry sorry." She said as she rushed out the door.

"We have to be more careful about that kinda stuff."


After the whole 'blanketless' debacle had settled down, things seemed to be going pretty well. You and Dan had gone out to lunch with his parents earlier that morning and then started planning with his Mum and Phil and Zoe.

"Hey Y/N, I've been thinking." Phil said as you entered the kitchen.

"Yeah? What about?" You asked as you poured yourself a water.

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