Chapter four: the feels start

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I popped out of the ground and got greeted by water dripping on me. "Ugh I hate water," I said with a frown. "Where am I?" I wondered and soon saw some of those echo flowers. They seemed to be having a passing conversation, one that seemed fimalier to me.

"Hey I wish one day I could see the real stars."

"Me too, then we could make a ton of wishes!"

"Do you have any wishes?"

"Just one, but you might laugh at me."

"I promise I won't."

"Sigh. Ok then. I wish that one day all the monsters could go free and that I could see the real night sky."

Then I heard some laughter. I went up to the next one to listen and heard the swe- I mean most disgusting thing in the world.

"You said you wouldn't laugh!"

"Haha sorry. It's just, that is my wish too!"

Such trash huh? Anyway, I soon made it to a bridge part of the falls and saw the human. Desperate for the attention, I cried for some help, but as soon as I did, the fish lady came out and started to throw shears at them. To me, that was a lame move. I followed them til we reached a bush, or grassy area. She then went to strike down, but picked up some other monster instead...that kid from Snowdin.

That kid follows Undyne around all the time and gets in her way. If it was me that kid would have already been gone! Cough cough. Sorry...evil planning.

Any who, we, I mean the human, soon came to a weird looking statue that had rain dripping on it, very sad huh. To the human, not me...ah Ok fine. I will share my feelings alright? I felt sad about the statue but something about it seemed...weird.

Before I knew it, Chara came back with an fella. I didn't even notice them leave the room. They placed it above the statue and sat down for a rest. I telaported behind the statue to finally get my strike on then, when suddenly, music started to play. Lovely music. Sadish music. Music I had heard before. Next thing I knew, I started to have flashbacks...


"Hey look at this Chara! I found a music box in the old statue," I said showing her. She walked over smiling at me and tried to grab it.

"Wow," she says as I hand it to her. She opens it and it starts to play a melody. She and I are memorized by the tune, for it was part of a song mom used to sing to us.

Then I reach in my pocket and pull out a necklace with a gold heart and chain. I found it in the dump part of Waterfall. "Hey Chara, I found this for you," I said holding out the item. She smiles and begins to cry tears of joy.

"Thanks brother, I will wear it forever and we will be friends forever."

~Flashback end~

I leaned on the statue and cried from the memory. The human was crying too, maybe they had their own memory too. Or maybe, they are remembering me...

Howdy guys....sorry this is late but its the holidays so, I won't post anything for awhile....and its not like many people are reading this anyway. Well byr guys and happy holidays.

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