"Thank you. Now, do you know how to measure out things?" I put my hands on my hips in teasing manner

"Yes." He rolls his eyes.
"Okay great, measure out half a cup of salted butter and I'll measure out some brown sugar, deal?"


The two of us did our jobs.
"What's next?"
"I need a fourth of granulated sugar."
"Where is that?" He looked at the mess of the pile of ingredients I had brought.

"In the red bag that says granulated sugar Niall, get with the program." I joke.

He looked down and sarcastically gave himself a short pep talk.

"Come on Niall get with the program, do you want to embarrass your self in front of your girlfriend. It's baking for Christ sake you worthless idiot. You should know these things, just be confident and do what you know how to do." He hit himself in the face a few times before grabbing the sugar.

"Here." He hands it to me and I just stare at him. "What?"

"Measure it out into a fourth please."
"Oh, right, sorry." He hurried and grabbed a measuring cup. To give Niall a break I measured out everything else and he eventually left the kitchen probably filling like a waist of space.

"Niall." I called.
"Yeah babe?"
"I have another job for you."

He sighed and came back to the kitchen.

"Wash your hands first." I instructed.
"Eye eye cap'n." I rolled my eyes while I waited.

"Okay now, stir this."
"I get to stir?" He smiles. "Yes."
As he stirred I added butter to the mix but he stopped.

"I stopped to let you add more ingredients."
"No Niall keeping going." I smile and continue to add the egg and vanilla extract.

"Okay, I think you've mixed it good." I took it from him to put in the fridge. "It needs to chill for thirty minutes."

"What do we do until then." He backed me up into a counter and trapped me with his arms.

"Make out."  He leaned down to kiss me.

"Nope, now we need to start on the Santa brownies, you have strawberries, yes?"

"Yeah." He groaned.
"Alright, wash about sixteen and cut the tops off of them."
"The pack that I bought says it makes sixteen." I shrugged.
"On it." He groaned.

"If you don't want to help me you don't have to." I laugh.

"No it's fine." He shrugged and began to wash some strawberries while I measured out everything.

"Alright try it." I brought a play filled with four cookies and four strawberry brownies to Niall who had found Christmas Vacation on tv. He reached up and took one of each.

"Are they good?" I asked, he nodded and grabbed another. "Very unhealthy." I mocked.

"You suck at impressions." He rolled his eyes and pulled me but the hips to sit down on his lap.

"Oh yeah, well you suck at soccer." I raised my eyebrows.

"You did not just say that?" He gasped

"Oh yes I did." I crossed my arms.
"Well you give me no choice." He shrugs.

Without an answer he picked me up and carried me to the kitchen.
He sat me down and turned around to retrieve the excess batter.

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