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The others are talking amongst themselves, and I bring Harry over for a private moment.

"How are you paying for 9 people to fly first class to London?!" i whisper scream. "I have my ways." he replies with a grin. "HARRY!!" i scream. "LEXI!" his voice and facial expression mocks mine. "I can't allow you to spend that kind of money!" he toys with my wet hair. "Are you going to answer me?" "Yes!" he shouts. gah! Why is this so frustrating.?! "Come here you!" i chase him around the couch, and clumsy me decides to take a trip. My foot catches the wooden leg, send me flying over the side of the couch. I land scrambled egg style on top of Zayn, my arms and legs sprawled out over the couch. If I had one word to describe that moment: Ouch.

"Styles! Control your woman!" zayn shouts, shoving me back on to the floor. I wonder if there's a world record on how many bruises some has gotten in one minute. Harry and Niall help me to my feet. I brush myself off, and realize I'm still in my same clothes as yesterday. "Uno momento." i hold up one finger and make my way back to my room.

First, I make my way to the bathroom, examining my old and new wounds in the mirror. From the couch/ floor, i now have a huge bruise on my shin. (Thanks Zayn!) as for my head,

A giant cut runs along my forehead, from the middle over toward the right temple (thank god it didnt hit there). I fix my bangs, covering most of the wound. Running my fingers over my head, i find more lumps and bruises.

Giving up at my attempt to cover them, i head back towards the others.

In my obscured vision, i catch sight of the clock. Crrrrraaaaaapppppp!!! "Girls, we have a problem." they all turn their heads like owls in my direction. "School." i grab nina's hand, she grabs olivia's, liv grabs grace, making a human chain as we sprint to our room.

"We're already half an hour late, why even go?" olivia asks, she uses any excuse she can to get out of school. "Hmm lets see," sure im sarcastic, but im freaking out so it's appropriate. "Mr. Mac's biggest test in the history of teaching is today!!" grace and olivia say a few choice words (loudly if i might add) "I have that 3rd hour! Hurry!" nina screams, rushing to my closet to pick out an outfit.

The last thing I wanted to do was go to school with High Heel McHeadache on my forehead, but this test counts for 75% of our final grade. I opt for comfort outfit wise. Heart crop sweat shirt that shows my tummy just a tiny bit, zebra print jeggings, and my hi-tops again, gosh i love those.

Soon we're all "presentable", but i still look like a zombie. Gracie helps me add on a new layer of bandages, and now we think of what to do with the boys.

"You aren't leaving us here alone, are you?" louis eyes grace. Lovebirds they are. Sigh, "I guess not. Are you guys up for attending our school for a few hours?"

"I can check out the lay-deeees." Zayn the vain says. What. A. Pig. "Just get in the car!" he simply laughs, piling in with the others.

"So what is your school's mascot?" Louis asks.

"The Rebels." i hold out a OK sign. "That explains you perfectly."

"Excuse me? What is that supposed to mean carrot boy?" i sock him in the arm. "Exactly my point." he gestures to the fresh bruise I just gave him. Whoops.

Now, I'm usually a teacher's pet, but when you're almost and hour late for school with your 3 bff's and 5 unknown boys, they get pretty mad to say the least. Somehow, Liam manages to convince the Principal to let the boys tag along, AND get us all excused from being tardy. I resist the urge to hug him, knowing Olivia will gladly punch my face in.

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