Hey guys!



I am currently in the process of editing this book. I know that the way I wrote it is terrible. I was about 13 or 14 when I began to write it.

Some of the things in this book make no sense and I have a lot of grammar errors. Please be patient with it!

The book all together is just a mess. That is because it took me three years to write it because I was writing off and on. Again please be patient!

Spoiler (sort of): The time period where River proposes to Natalie HAS been CHANGED to a later time. I added a chapter after the chapter where the proposal used to be, to make the story more realistic. I am fully aware that he proposed too soon.

I hope you guys enjoy it still. I am trying my best to make it make sense from this point forward. Also, if you are a comment reader, some of the comments will no longer make sense with what is written!

Every chapter that says 'Edited' at the top is edited. Go figure.

I am changing the chapters drastically, they all have the same main idea still.

ALSO, to everyone saying that she stutters too much and it's getting annoying, I KNOW! Many people have commented the same exact thing about her stuttering. I will fix that once I edit the chapters. There is no need to share your opinion on how annoying it is. I find it annoying too ,trust me. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. I'm tired of reading all of those comments about that topic. It will be changed, stop worrying about it! Geez.


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