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The ocean is a graveyard,

a place where love goes to die.

The waves tug at my legs like the strings of a bard,

lulled to a coma, I'll be taken by the tide.

It was here I built you a castle of sand,

a foundation of love held up by dust.

The waves tore it down as the skies cried tears that were grand,

the gulls wept songs embroidered with broken trust.

Above me, a world of darkness,

beyond me, a world of silence.

Feelings washed away by the azure starkness,

forever I am fated to be haunted by her violence.

Our love was a sandcastle,

taken away by the endless sea.

I'm left here to drift as the grey clouds roar with hassle,

my heart no longer beats, stricken with disease.

It was here I built you castle after castle,

and the ocean came and stole it away.

Everything we had drowned without facile,

the pieces of me left behind, my soul scattered array.

I drift from place to place without reason,

becoming one with the ocean.

Lost forever, worn out by treason,

it was here where my death was set in motion.

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