Well, well, well

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Cream's Pov

After they got off stage and introduce their selves to the school, we walked up to them to really make sure that she was here.

"A-Amy? Is that really you?" I ask.

She turns around with long blue glowing hair and large blue glowing eyes. She's also wearing a blue winter-ish looking outfit.

 She's also wearing a blue winter-ish looking outfit

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"Cream? Is that you?" Amy says while she hugs me. "Oh, how I missed you so much!" She does the same to Rouge, Knuckles, and Tails. She stops at Shadow and Sonic.

"Hello again, Rose. May I say, you're looking very lovely today." Shadow says while looking her up and down while smirking. Amy's eyes, clothes, and hair turns from blue into a dark blue.

"T-Thank you, Shadow." She says while blushing and then hugs him. Sonic looks at them in a jealous sort of way.

"Uh Amy? If you don't mind me asking, why is your eyes, hair, and clothes change color?" Tails asked.

"Well, when I was away with my family, we were visiting a magic version of a interactive zoo." Amy says. " Don't ask why." She adds. "Anyway, when we made it to the lion exhibit, one of them actually scratched my eye. Which is why is have this." She moves her hair out of her right eye and revealed 2 deep looking cuts over her eye.

"Ouch!" I say.

"Yeah. Since the zoo keeper saw what the lion did to my eye, they actually let me keep it. And from that lion scratch, it's claws were mood activated, so it transferred into my body. So now whatever my mood is, my hair and eyes are the things that mostly change color." She says and covers up her eye again.

"So what does blue mean?" Knuckles asked.

"It means that I'm feeling happy and social. That's how I felt when I was singing up there." Amy said.

"What does dark blue mean? Cause your eyes and hair changed when I started to talk to you." Shadow says.

" Well...Uh..." She starts to blush and giggle nervously. " It means that I may have a little love or romance interest. Like a little... School girl crush." She says.

After Amy said that, Shadow started to blush too. Sonic, again, started to look jealous. I guess Amy noticed, because she walked past Shadow and went to Sonic.

" So, do you got anything to say about me, Sonic?" She asked.

Sonic literally just froze in place. Well, until I slapped him out of his own world.

"Uh..No, no Amy. I'm good." He says while sweating a little. Amy looks at him wierd at first, but shrugs it off and hugs him. Sonic slowly and nervously hugged her back.

We all giggled at his reaction and he glared back at us. He mouthed at us to shut up.

"Well, if you'll excuse me, I have to go to art. See you guys later. It was nice meeting you all again." She waved at us and walks away with, which I'm guessing is her sister.

"Well, maybe we should go to swimming now, huh?" I told the rest.

Everyone agreed with me except for Sonic.

"Don't start this again, Sonic. You're going to swimming class whether you like it or not!" I say while me and Tails drag Sonic. He starts clawing the floor until he knows it's no use.

*After school*

"So what do you guys want to do now?" Rouge asks while we walk home. We always walk home on Fridays.

"Hmm, maybe we can play video games all night?" Sonic suggests.

"That's what we do almost every Friday night." Shadow says.

" Yeah, plus you only suggest it because you know that you'll win almost every game!" Tails yelled out.

" Well what else is there to do?" Sonic asked.

"I can help with that." Amy pulls up in a black and red car with blaze and Silver in the back seat.

"Sup?" Blaze says. " Wanna have some fun with us?" She asked.

"How did you- nevermind. What do you two have in mind?" Sonic asked.

" Well, since summer vacation is almost here, we thought that we could go to the beach." Amy says. "What do you think?"

We all think about it and decided it would be fun.

"Sure, let's go." I said.

"Great! We just need to hit the mall to get new bikinis." Amy says.

All of the boys start the blush while the girls start giggling.

"While we do that, you boys can either stay at my house or come to the mall with us. Your choice." Blaze says.

All of the boys agreed to go to the mall with us.

"Well than, hop in the car with us!" Amy says.

We all get in the car and we go to the biggest mall in Town. This is gonna be fun Friday.

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