The Legend of Shinjuku Dobby

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For years, a 1/1 promo statue of Dobby from Harry Potter used to be planted outside the Books Kinokuniya annex store in Shinjuku...

The staff, or maybe some evil wizards, used to dress him up in cosplay to help advertise whatever the big new home video release was.

Since walking that route made a good shortcut to the other side of the block, catching site of this increasingly haggard, but clearly lovingly looked after, thing became a regular occurrence. (I was never sure if I was supposed to leave a prayer offering there or not...)

I'm assuming the master licensors might not have been contacted first before Dobby was mashed up with Captain Jack Sparrow, Elsa from Frozen, or the very occasional characters from Japanese movies or TV shows. I get grumpy (bitchy) if I see too many Western IP in Japan, so I'm glad he played for the home team at least sometimes.

But I didn't see Dobby outside the last time I walked past the store in December 2016 at. A Japanese friend, whose habitual meeting place was that Kinokuniya bookstore, told me a bit earlier, "Dobby is always very annoying", so maybe he was finally sent back to Hogwarts by immigration.  

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