The Beach

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Hoseok's POV

Today's the last day of school.... for the week. One more day to get through until I can binge watch anime and read all the fanfic I want. I was actually kind of looking forward to the club.... but first, there was math class.

Dammit. I mean, I like math.... when it's all simple and easy to understand, but nowadays, all I see is

I mean, what is wrong with schools now?? We don't need to know 3/4 of these things... stupid fucking aslkdfhjlkdsgh.

Sorry, getting off topic.

During math class, Jungkook was sweating over the first problem. I mean, it was hot, but my conscious said I should help him.

"Kook... do you want me to help you?" I wasn't the best, but I was still on problem 13.
He nodded quickly, but blushed when I scooted over.

Kook's POV

Is it getting hot in here? I think it's getting hot in here. Ahh, why did I nod, now Hobi can see me up close.... I'm not good with guys... or girls. But I like guys....well, everyone in the group likes guys, but still.

Hobi is so handsome......akdslfakjhdljfh. I looked over to him, but something red was staining his sweater near his sleeves. What happened?

I wanted to make sure that it was blood, so I touched it with my elbow....and he winced.
Dang it, I hurt him.


Once again, I dragged him to the club... maybe this is becoming a habit.

When we arrived, Jin whispered something in Hobi's ear.... lucky bastard. NO I cursed, holy shit. NO I did it again. Dammit. Stop thinking Jungkook, you're making it worse.

Hoseok's POV

Jin came up to me, saying he knows that I don't have the "family thing". Forcing me to come to the beach this weekend, he packed all my clothes.

"Umm, Jin. I don't ...uh... know how to swim"
"Then you don't have to swim." How did I not expect that answer?


Everyone was playing around until Tae picked my up bridal style and dropped me into the ocean.
"So you do know how to swim!"
"Tae, you dropped me in, but the water just goes up to me ankles. Seriously?"

"Plan A failed!" Then he just ran off with his hands in front of his face, crying.


I still blushed at the thought of him holding me like that, but I couldn't help feel the burns. The burns of the cuts on my ankle, but also the burn of the fricking sun. Why does it have to be so hot wearing long sleeved shirts and pants?

"Ughghhghghg, I'm dying"
Suga laid right next to me, " Just take off your clothes"

I blushed, but I turned my head to avoid it to be seen by Suga. WHy am I doing this, he's sleeping. Looking at him, a red blush was forming. Wow, that's so cute, especially because he's so pale. Is he blushing cause it's so hot?

Suga's POV

Gazing at Hoseok, there was a pink tint spread across his cheeks and I couldn't help but blush in return. WHy is this so hard? I just pretended to sleep, listening to Hoseok's breathing.

Once I opened my eyes, Hoseok was fast asleep, and some other people were staring at him too.... dammit. Stupid people looking at Hoseok. He's mi- wtf is going on with me?

Namjoon's POV

I know I'm secretly dating Jin, but nothing can make me not feel jealous over the people who had touched Hoseok. Yes, I know I'm jealous. I'm not like these newbies to feelings.

Jin's POV

I know I'm secretly dating Namjoon, but I feel more connected to Hoseok, and more protective then I should be. Maybe I want to have more than a mother to son relationship. O.O


Shut up conscious!

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