Hide and Seek | Bokushi & Oreshi [KNB]

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It was a quite a 'boring evening' they liked to say.

The 6 years old redhead twins were currently inside their room laying on the floor contemplating on what to do.

The elder redhead let out a loud sigh before sitting up on the floor.

"Ne Bokushi, let's just play outside." Oreshi suggested pointing out the door.

"I was thinking of that, but the weatherman said it'll be raining today." Replied the heterochromatic eye boy, staring at Oreshi. "Let's just play shogi again."

"We played it at least 46 times today." Oreshi said, frowning a bit. "Let's play something else."

Both boys fell into silence as they tried to think any more games they could play. That was before Oreshi suddenly stood up and looked towards Bokushi as his red eyes glinted in excitement.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"If you're thinking of playing shogi for the 47 time then yes." Bokushi said, also standing up from the floor and was about to take out the shogi board again before Oreshi stopped him.

"No, I'm not thinking of that." Oreshi frowned. "Let's play hide and seek!"

"Hide and seek?" Bokushi asked in confusion. "Aren't we too old, though?"

"What? No! What are you talking about!" Oreshi grimaced. "We're 6! It's still fine! We will be considered immature if we play it when we are 7."


".....yes...no...I don't know."

"Then what?" Asked Bokushi in irritation. "Let's just play shogi again."

"Noooooo let's play hide and seek!" Whined Oreshi as he pulled Bokushi's hand off the shogi board. "Hide and seek!!"

"How can we play hide and seek with just 2 people?" Bokushi grumbled, crossing his arms.

"We can! You count, I hide!" Said Oreshi excitedly. "It's not hard, I promise."

"...no..I don't want to. You count, I hide." Bokushi complained, still with arm crossed.

"Alright let's do that. You can only hide in this room though." Oreshi smiled before turning around to the wall as he started to count.

With Bokushi's eyes widen, he ran in circles, not knowing where to hide before decided to run behind the curtains.

"...9...10..! Ready or not here I come!"

Just as Oreshi turned around, he could already spot a huge bump behind the curtain. letting out a snigger, he tipped toe towards the curtain before jumping into it and hugged the bump in the curtain.

The person inside let out a yelp and fell to ground with Oreshi following after.

"Hey what gives! How can you find me so fast?!"

"Duh, you made it so obvious."

"Let's try again! This time I know you couldn't find me that fast."

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