Chapter Four

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I closed my eyes nervously, as I stood in front of the neighbour's door. The grass at my feet was the same colour as always.

A small, shy knock on the door made my presence known and made me want to run away and go back home, but I didn't. I waited patiently for the door to be opened, my eyes opened now, but still looking at my feet.

Then I heard the door creak slightly, and I looked up, immediately noticing the green in the man's eyes opposite me.

And then it happened.

Everything became a bright white, blinding me for a moment, and I shut my eyes to avoid it. When I opened them, there were colours everywhere. Colours I had never seen before, colours strange to me and most importantly, the colour of grass, that I now saw was so similar to the leaves of flowers and trees, and the beautiful colour of the lilacs in the front yard. I was amazed. It was so, so beautiful. 

I had never thought colours would be so beautiful. 

I smiled and finally turned my attention to the man. 

"What's your name?" I asked softly. 

"Lars," he replied. His voice was deep and serious. I didn't think he'd smiled a lot, judging how clean his face was from any smile lines, and I remembered Femke telling me he'd been looking for his soulmate for a long time. "What's yours?"

"Matthew," I answered. I could see the colour of his eyes clearly, they were so much more beautiful than the grass. 

I smiled at him and he smiled back. 

"Your eyes are beautiful," said Lars, and I blushed slightly. That meant he definitely saw the same happen as I had just witnessed. 

"Thank you... Yours are too."

"Lars, let him in! It's not like it's summer!"

It was, but this is Canada. 

"It's the twenty-ninth of June," Lars called back, but he stepped aside to let me in and I entered awkwardly. 

Lars closed the door behind me and led me to the living room. It was amazing. I didn't know what colours were in the colour palette. I recognised the colour of the lilacs that were planted outside on the wall, and smiled. Lars must've been as obsessed with finding his soulmate - finding me - as I had been with finding mine.

And only then, when I thought about that, I realised.

The twenty-ninth ofJune.

My birthday was in literally two days.

Canada Day was in two days.

I thought I'd be sitting alone again, blowing out a candle on the third as I always used to do with Alfred.

I let out a sigh and smiled. It looked like I wasn't going to be alone for the first time in decades.

What'd I tell you, bro? You did it. You found him. I'm proud of you.

I would've sworn I saw Alfred standing there for a moment.

"Are you alright?"

I looked beside me and remembered I wasn't home. It felt so familiar...

"I'm better than ever," I whispered.

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