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The dwarves were all gone, leaving poor Bilbo miserable,

curious, was he, of what happened,

but with nothing to do, he decided a nap was surely permissible.

He was worn, he was tired,

but so far into the quest,

he finally retired,

to doze, to sleep, however you wish it.

He dreamed of his Hobbit hole,

so far away, with the pantries stocked,

eggs, buttery toast, sweet rolls, and bacon kept them full.

So when he awoke, he was quite shocked,

to find himself covered in a sticky,

silky, white mess, which it was safe to assume,

was a spider web, wrapped around him.

There was a giant spider near, from whom

the web came from, dark and spindly.

He promptly screamed; like a little Hobbit.


{A/N: Not sure what I was thinking when I wrote the end of this.}

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