Chapter Three- I-Mate

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Based on C.L. Stone's Ghost Bird Series

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Academy series (Ghost Bird or Scarab Beetle) All rights go to C.L. Stone.

RATING: K+ for language and violent themes. Mentions of abuse and depression.

WARNING: May contain triggers for some readers- read at your own risk. Nonagon-ic relationships between Sang and her nine boys (Owen Blackbourne, Dr. Sean Green, Nathan Griffin, Dakota 'Kota' Lee, Gabriel Coleman, Lucian 'Luke' Taylor, North Taylor, Silas Korba, and Victor Morgan)

GENRE: Romance, Humor, Reverse Harem, Science Fiction, Fiction



Silas helped Sean transfer SS onto a cot inside the infirmary. He pulled up the side railings, looking expectantly to the TV screen above the cot as it started to read her vitals through the scanning panels. As the steady beep, beep, beep for her heart read on the monitor, Sean walked over to the furthest part of the medical bay, where the wall was made of mostly clear glass cases and white drawers.

He pulled a small white cylinder from one of the drawers and quickly made his way back over to SS. He placed the cylinder on the girls finger and pressed one of the three buttons on the side. It drew blood and typed it for him- displaying that she was O negative on the small screen. He pulled the removeable cap from the typer and replaced it with a serial one before putting it back in it's place on the wall of drawers.

"Silas," He pointed to another drawer. "Grab a medical chart from there and started filling in the blanks. She's blood type O negative." As his brother started to write, Sean rattled off blood pressure, heart rate, and and brain function. It all seemed within normal range, but Sean knew he would need to run full body tests to make sure her body wasn't going to shut down without the machines to keep her breathing.

And while he knew that the computer was reading and storing all of same information he was relaying to Silas, Sean liked to keep physical files on his brothers and all the patients he came across in their travels. On stock jobs at the sparse space stations set up around their galaxy, he was often asked to doctor in their medical units. Just to pick up some of the slack.

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