16- Golden Fleece

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Percy's PoV:

I opened my eyes quickly when I felt pain sting my cheek. In front of me was Artemis and some demigods were at her back.

"Percy, what happened?!" Artemis asked me. I saw concern in her eyes.

"It's a long story." I tried to stand up and almost fell down if Artemis hadn't quickly supported me.

"Gods! Idiot be careful!" I smiled.

"I need to talk with you and Chiron together, it's very important." I said seriously.

"Okay." We walked to the entrance of camp. A crowd was gathered there. We broke through the crowd and saw that Chiron was examining Thalia's Tree.

"Chiron, what happened?" I asked him.

"Lord Perseus! You're injured!" He stopped examining the tree.

"I'm okay. I have something important to tell you. But before that, what happened here?"

"The Colchis Bull broke the barrier. Now any monster can come inside the camp." Then he touched the tree. "Thalia's tree has been poisoned and it is dying..." My eyes widened.

"Is there a way to fix it?" I asked Chiron.

"None of which I know." He gazed down sadly. I thought hard but nothing came into my head. Then I sighed.

"Then, let's find a way later. Let's talk first." Chiron nodded and we went to the Big House.

"So what is it, Lord Perseus?" Chiron went into weelchair mode while Artemis and I sat on the couch, each at opposite ends.

"I hope you will keep this for yourselves for the meantime cause I feel uncomfortable sharing it wih others." Then I looked at Artemis. "The reason why I appeared away from the bull when I was supposed to be charging at the bull was because a powerful and invisible force hit me, sending me to the wall and injuring me. Then, I saw that time has stopped because all of you were frozen in place." Their eyes widened but they did not interrupt me. "There was also green mist everywhere and then an ancient voice started to speak to me." I hesitated for a moment but I decided to continue. "The voice called me brother and called itself the rightful lord of the universe. And it also asked for my help and said something about our mother. I of course didn't agree and it said that it will ask again another time. Then it stopped talking and the green mist disappeared, time also unfroze. That's what I wanted to tell you..." For a second, both of them were quite.

"Time... Rightful lord of the universe..." Chiron wondered out loud. "Cannot be!" He looked at Artemis. Artemis seemed to know what he was talking about.

"Seems like he is back for revenge..." I just looked at them with confusion.

"Who?" I asked.

"The Crooked One, Percy. Kronos." Artemis said.

"Ohhh..." Then I scrunched up my eyebrows. "But then why did he call me brother? I'm not a Titan."

"Lord Perseus, this is a serious matter. I think we should start a new quest." Chiron said.

"No." Both me and Artemis said at the same time. We looked at each other with annoyance.

"I don't think that this is something for the demigods to deal with." I continued. "It should be me." I said firmly. Chiron gave me a stern look, which I returned.

"As you wish." He finally said. "So when and where will you start?"

"Um..." I looked at Artemis. "We should first start with the problem at hand. There should be a reason for why he broke the barrier. Any ideas on how to repair it?" They both started thinking.

"The Golden Fleece!" Artemis exclaimed after a while.

"The one that Jason and the Argonauts retrieved from Colchis?" I asked her.

"Yes. It has powerful magical healing abilities and it also has a connection to the Colchis Bull because Colchis is the past home of the Fleece. We'll have to search for it." Chiron had a worried look on his face.

"The connection would mean that they are also looking for the Fleece. I really hope that it's not the case." Then he added, "We have to start a quest."

"No Chiron." I said. "It should be me, besides I'm a god. It would make it faster, easier and it would also reduce the casualties."

"Percy is right." Artemis said. "Even if it would go against the ancient laws," She said that part quietly. "this is a serious matter so it should be him. I'll help too." She looked at me and I nodded.

"Okay then. So are you two ready?" We looked at each other, then back at Chiron and smiled.


We appeared on an island with an amusement park, of course we teleported. The place was so creepy and quiet since there were no people at all and since the amusement park was abandoned.

"What is this place?" I looked around.

"Polyphemus' island. Based on the information that I have gathered, the Golden Fleece is with him." Artemis replied. She took out her bow. "Can't you sense it with your powers? You're a minor god of nature anyway and being the god of earth can also help." I raised my right eyebrow.

"I'll try." I knelt on one knee, placed my palm on the earth and closed my eyes. Strange vibrations seemed to be coming from below. I could also feel an overwhelming feeling, making me feel so relaxed and energized. I opened my eyes and stood up. Artemis looked at me, waiting for my say. "We have to get under this amusement park. The Fleece is here, alright. I could feel it and there were also some strange vibrations that should belong to the cyclops."

"Let's find an entrance, then." I nodded at her. We went deeper into the amusement park, examining the rides one by one.

"Wait!" We stopped near a ride which was similar to a roller coaster ride. "The vibrations are stronger here. I think this is the entrance." I examined the cart. "This will still work. We have to take this to get there." I looked at Artemis. "You get on first. I'll need to push this."

"Don't think of me as a weak girl, idiot!" She huffed and got on. I smiled. It was good to hear her calling me an idiot again before taking a ride to my death. With a sigh, I pushed the cart and jumped on.

We entered a dark cave with glistening jewels on the walls that provided light. It was a really awkward ride because the cart was a small one and we were too close to each other. It was getting really hot but then when we went into a steep drop. I felt like I left my stomach back at the top and like we were flying, and I hate flying, and then we landed harshly. The cart continued to make its way like nothing happened, even if a while ago it was creaking like crazy. I mean, I'm a little underweight so I'm sure it's Artemis' fault.

"Hey idiot! How come it's my fault?!" I gulped. I'm dead. Ugh! Why did she read my mind?!

"Sorry ma'am." I quietly said. I got a feeling that she was going to punch me when the cave opened up and below us was a stream. The track was scary because small parts were broken and it shook like crazy. Miraculously, we managed to make it to the end which opened in to another cave. But, strangely, this cave was illuminated with light and there were sounds too. The track ended at the entrance to the next cave so we jumped off the cart, glad to have some personal space. When I got out, I felt dizzy because the vibrations were too strong.

"Percy, are you okay?" Artemis whispered. I nodded. "I'm sure that this is the place. Let's just quietly steal the Fleece and sneak out okay?" I nodded again.

Then, we both slowly entered the bright cave...

Word Count: 1331 (excluding A/N)
Date Published: December 31, 2016
A/N: Hi guys and may I present to you the last chapter of 2016 LOL. Yeah I'm borrowing some parts from the Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters movie just to make the story short. I'll update again on New Year and it will be an exciting chapter. Please vote and comment ^_^ Bye guys and bye 2016!

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