Chapter 21- Gone

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Joe's POV
I'm so sorry Ellie, I love you. I know you can't hear me but I need to go. It hurts, Elle it hurts.
I can't stay here anymore, the light is getting closer. It wants me to join, I can't leave you but I have to.
Ellie Rose Sugg, I love you to the moon and back. I love you Unconditionally.

Ellie's POV
The kids were with my mum and dad in the hotel. Zoe and Alfie had just arrived in California they were driving to the hospital now.
Jack and Emily are with me, helping me cope with life.
"Excuse me, Mrs Sugg can I talk tot you for a moment. Please." The doctor asked.
"You can say it here." I replied
"We are gonna have to take Joe off the ventilator. His liver and kidneys are about to stop working. That will put him in a lot of pain. We'd rather let him go then see him suffer but it's up to you." The doctor said.
"My sister-in-law is arriving very soon. She needs to see him. So do the kids, you can't make us say goodbye now." I cried, Emily just hugged me.
"I'm sorry mrs sugg. We'll give it an hour but them we're turning it off." He said
"Okay." I replied.

Zoe's POV
"Hi, Joe Sugg??" Alfie questioned the receptionist.
"Ah, down the corridor, turn right. The first door on the left." She replied with a smile.
Alfie took me by the waist and guided me around to Joe's room.
"I..I.. can't do this Alf." I said
"Come on, Zoe. For Noah and Jacob, so it for our unborn baby. She'd have wanted to meet the famous Uncle Joe." Alfie chuckled rubbing my small bump.
"Okay." I pushed the door open to reveal Joe.
He was lifeless, the only thing to suggest he was alive was the constant beeping from his heart monitor or his chest moving slowly up and down.
"Joe." I whispered into the room.
Ellie ran and hugged me.
"I'm so sorry, Ell. I'd have come sooner if I'd have known." I cried into her shoulder.
"Th..ey're.. gi..ving.. up.. o..n... him.. zo.. th..ere.. l..l..etting.. hi..m.. d..i.e." She sobbed to me.
"Aw Ellie. He is a fighter, he won't leave you without a fight. Joe has always been strong." I reassured her.

"Auntie sowi." Freddie shouted before running at my legs, followed by Olivia and Mason.
"Where's Noah and Jacob?" Olivia questioned.
"There with Their Aunie poppy and uncle Sean." I replied.
"Oh." She said before running and hugging Alfie then Ellie.

Ellie's POV
"Kids, daddy is very poorly. He is going to go to a special place, heaven. He is going to be an angel. He won't be with us anymore. You need to say goodbye." I picked up Olivia and Freddie and placed them on the bed next to Joe. Alfie placed Mason on the bed and Jack placed Lexi on as well.
"Bye bye Dadda." Mason said
"I love you, daddy. Please don't go." Olivia said.
"Bye dadda, I love you." Freddie chorused.
Lexi just sat there and gurgled.
Jack and Alfie helped me lift the kids off the bed. They took them to the family room with Emily.

The doctor entered the room.
"It's time." He said. He walked over to the machine and stopped it.
Joe chest moved up and down on last time before it stopped all together.
"I love you, Joe. I love you so much." I whispered.
Zoe cried into my shoulder.
"I'm very sorry for your loss, I'll give you's some privacy." The doctor left the room.

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