[bc] v. welcome to the world, heartbreaker

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2 years after ii. the worst kind of pain

Tina's scream echoed around the hospital room as the pain became too much to bare. Daniel whispered soft words to try and help sooth her through it but failed miserable.

"I'm just going to tell you now but that's definitely not going to help," Indie laughed on the other side of Tina, holding onto her hand tightly. "Trust me."

"Then what do you suggest?" Daniel asked. "What'd Harry do when you went into labor?"

"He did what you're doing before realizing that it wasn't help and that he would just have to let me scream at him until it was over," Indie explained as she untangled her hand from Tina's. "And he gave me his hand and allowed me to dislocate as many fingers as I needed to."

"You did that to him?" Daniel yelped. "I thought Tina was kidding when she said that."

"Nope, not even slightly," Indie laughed.

"Tina is right fucking here," Tina gritted. "Stop talking like I'm not in the room."

"I'm sorry. Just freaking out," Daniel explained. "What can I do? What do you want me to do?"

"Hand," she held hers up and he obliged by resting his in hers which she immediately squeezed tightly, crushing his fingers as she went through another contraction. "Jesus," she cursed and she dug her free hand into the bed.

"I'm going to go see if I can get you an epidural," Indie began to walk away when Tina grabbed her wrist, stopping her from moving out of the Houston hospital room.

"No, I said I was doing this naturally and I am doing it naturally," she argued.

"Are you sure about that? I said that too and I changed my tune as soon as I went into labor," Indie explained and Tina gritted her teeth, the pain feeling unbearable but she still found herself shaking her head no. "You are a hell of a lot braver than me."

Tina shook her head, "I lost one baby and I'm not going to miss out on feeling absolutely all of this. Even the painful parts. I want it all."

"It's okay to want the drugs, bud," Daniel wiped the hair covering her face away from her eyes.

Tina just shook her head as she dug her nails into his hand, holding onto it so tightly that it was Daniel's turn to let out a painful yelp. Indie watched in amusement as the doctor came into the room to check how close she was to being ready to push and bring the beautiful baby boy into the world.

"How are we doing?" She asked as she pulled on the gloves.

"I'm ready to get this done with," Tina growled in her pain.

"I second that," Daniel held up his free hand. "Before she breaks my hand."

"Well, it looks like you're just about there so let's get you ready to start pushing," the Doctor told them and the nurses came to move her into a different room where the baby could be born.

"You heard that, T?" Indie smiled. "I'll be right here for you when you get back."

"What? No, you're coming with us," Tina shook her head. "I love Daniel but he's freaking out. I need someone calm in the room with us to help us through this."

"Oh, I don't know. This is a very intimate moment," Indie argued by Tina didn't seem to care because as soon as they came in to take her out she grabbed Indie's wrist in a death grasp as she passed, forcing her to come weather she wanted to our not.

"I'd just go along with it," Daniel mumbled to her and Indie bobbed her head in agreeance.



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