Asylum Harmony

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Insanity traps all within its prison of depression,

tied down and fed filth for repression.

Terror looms over the abandoned depravity,

fogged by deception, a horrible travesty.

The bedlam of screams and violent tragedy,

rejected angels deformed by atrophy.

With the creatures of the underworld their shrieks are heard,

the harmony of the asylum chanted from the agressively disturbed,

Torture tunes their miserable song,

terrorists in lab coats inject them with fear.

All in harmony, they suffer for so long,

they refuse to die, as those that have ceased screaming suddenly disappeared.

A deadly haven for twisted outsiders,

delivered by the bloodstained hands of perverse providers. 

Their tragic deaths haunt the asylum grounds,

a chorus of demise and disease spreads through the rusted bars.

Driven insane by brain-defiling hounds,

denied by life, they served as the Devil's own memoirs.

A harmony of anguish with no end in sight,

paving way for cruelty to ascend to a new height.

Not a single scream that escaped from their crusted lips was remembered,

their final cries were sadistically pleasurable for the ears of the demented.

Their remains were ravaged and heartlessly dismembered,

not a single soul was honored or lamented.

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