Carpathian Sunset

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A carriage storms for the castle of the vampire,

where terrible events are bound to transpire.

As the sun cascades below the towering mountains,

an infernal mist blankets the green trail in a fiery blaze.

The bleeding sun floods the skies like a scarlet fountain,

hints of nightfall herald visions of the end of days.

The sunset merged with the iris hilltops,

rose-tinted winds rush like a hail of cherry blossoms.

When the moon hangs low, all pulses will stop,

withering the dying sun, ember breezes of blooming Autumn.

Ferried to the tomb of despair,

pulsating with a fear that not even death could compare.

Jagged pillars and ancient crags envelop the serpent's road,

entering the domain of the wicked black dragon.

Night devils prowl the dreadful abode,

engulfed by the burning maw of the abyssal bygone.

None who were swallowed by the darkness ever returned,

yet for more the shadows still yearned.

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