The Whispering Forest

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Riddled with tragedy and dark arts,

she heard the forest whisper her name.

A devastating tale of witchcraft and raven hearts,

an undead romance for the wonderfully insane.

Tempted by the undead,

on the woes of sorcery she was romantically misled.

The winds waft between fall and winter,

as heretics defile the sacred grounds.

Liquid drips from blood-tinged splinters,

where the dead are tied and eternally bound.

Her soul reluctantly seeks to join them,

one with the willfully condemned.

Restless spirits wander the woods of the dead,

stirring sadness and dread in those left behind.

A graveyard of lovers for gloom to spread,

scarlet pools of devilish passion for the broken to find.

Maidens lured by the strings of melancholy and taboo promises,

chastised for pursuing such demented dominance.

Unveiled abominations howl as the red moon rises,

spectral figures dance and sing a haunting chorus.

Awaiting the festival of blood and deadly surprises,

phantoms fervently roam the night-chilled forest.

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