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* Beef or mutton 1/2kg.
* 1 medium cucumber(finely sliced).
* 1 medium green pepper(finely sliced).
* 2 hot chillies or red pepper(finely grated).
* 3 tomatoes(neatly grinded).
* 2 medium onions(finely grated).
* 1 table spoonful of garlic salt or onion salt.
* 3 maggi cubes and 2 onga(for Nigerians).
* Any available cube or powdered beef flavoured maggi(foreigners).
* 1 table spoon of curry powder(you can use any).
* 1 teaspoon of dried thyme.
* garlic(finely chopped or crushed).
* vegetable oil enough for deep frying.
* pinch of salt(optional).

Time: 1hr 30mins.

Serves 4-5 people.

1, Rinse the meat, put in a pot and place on medium flame. Add 1 maggi, one onga, half onion, dried thyme, 1 cup of water and cover the pot. Live it to cook till it is soft(not too soft because you are going to deep fry it).
2, when the meat is done, remove it from the stock, put the stock aside and deep fry the meat until it's golden brown.
3, now put the fried meat into a clean pot, add the tomatoes, pepper, remaining onion, curry and seasonings(as you want the taste). Add a bit of the stock if you want, but the tomato's water is enough. Cover the pot and let it simmer till it's done. 4, Add the cucumber and the green pepper at last, after putting the flame off and turn very well with a cooking spoon.

And there, you are done! And the yummy peppered beef or mutton is ready to serve.

Eat with my fried rice and salad.

See you soon.

❤ you all.

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