More Evidence To Surprise Us. Part 45

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(I was rereading and just had to change a few things as well as edit it a little. I hope this makes a little more sense this time.)

21st December 2016 All Rights reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

We all just about slept in after arriving the evening before.

We all trickled out to the common room with cuppa's in hand and looked out the windows that covered one wall that looked down into the colorful township below us. It was such a pretty sight to wake up to. I was looking forward exploring the place we have heard so much about.

I was standing there quietly staring at the view before me when I heard soft footsteps someone coming up behind me and a moment later, I could feel Reid at my back with one of his hands sliding around my waist pulling me gently back against his front.

We just stood like this as we sipped from the cups we were holding in our hands. I think I felt a gentle brush of his lips against the top of my head which made me smile. He's been doing little things like these hugs and kisses with me for a while now.

Sometimes when I look at him, I see a little bit of sadness in his eyes before his eyes change and he smiles at me when he notices that I'm looking at him. I know he's feeling sad over the fact that we can't have another baby.

It's the guilt he feels that makes him sad because of him blaming himself when he went to see dad that day which set my father off into his murderous rage that caused all my injuries.

But I have never blamed Reid or anyone else for that happening. Dad would have just been looking for an excuse to lash out anyway like he usually does. It was inevitable that it was going to happen. It was just very sad that it happened while I was pregnant with my first baby.

" Looking forward to visit with everyone?" Reid asked me in a quiet murmur making me feel the vibrations from his talking against my back from his chest.

I have to say that when I'm holding on to Reid with my arms wrapped around him and he talks to me, I love the vibrating that comes through his chest below my head as I lay it against his chest.

This time, I could feel it happening behind me when he spoke, which brought my attention back to the present.

" I guess that I am. But more so for you though since this is your family we are meeting up with." I murmured back at him in just as quiet a voice as his was.

"What are you two whispering about? Anyone would think you two were keeping secrets from us." We both slowly turned around and looked at Bella who was standing there with her walker giving us a sly kind of look.

" You look very smart, my young friend. What's the occasion?" I asked her with a cheeky smile.

" I don't know. Why don't you tell me?" She asked us with that sly cheeky look on her face with her eyebrows bouncing up and down which made both Reid and I laugh at her.

All the others had just about gotten themselves ready for the day with just the little ones to be finished with.

"Poppa, Poppa, Poppa.." We heard a naked little Andy chanting as he ran into the room squealing his head off as he was being chased by his nearly equally naked father who was trying to catch the little urchin as he ran pass everyone until he found his Poppa's legs and hid behind them giggling as he spied his fathers approach through the two strong, tall jean clad limbs which belonged to his grandfather who was trying not to laugh at the sight we were all watching.

It was hard not to laugh either. Little Andy has a way of brightening up the day when he is around.

Especially right now as Jack plucked little Andy out from behind Reid's legs which the boy did not want to let go of with him having a tight grip of which caused Reid to stagger a little before Jack loosened his fingers from the denim covered legs of the little one's grandfather. Then we all nearly lost it with what little Andy then went on to say.

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