Zelda Skyward Sword Fanfic 1

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     There were butterflies in my stomach. I looked over at little Zelda next to me, but she didn't notice me at all. It made me mad. She's a modest girl, but she was good at nearly everything...she still is. It made the butterflies scramble and create more problems. I felt nauseous; I needed to lay down. Unfortunately, Instructor Horwell made us stand for our choir recital.

     My mother and father thought it would be a great idea to make me join the Junior Girl's choir. Unfortunately, I can't sing for the life of me. It's so terrible. My notes were always too low for the music. I could keep a tempo, but I couldn't insert beautiful sound, like Zelda.

     Ugh, I hate her.

     I looked around at the small crowd of parents and boy kids. They were so dorky, it wasn't even funny. I would've laughed if I wasn't so nervous. It was then that I spotted him. Suddenly, everything felt better. I felt like I was going to sing well, even though even Instructor Horwell told me to just stay "piano" the whole time.

     Instructor Horwell presented the Junior Girl's Choir. Everyone applauded, and as he turned around. My good feeling went away. When he started the song, my mouth stayed shut. It might as well had been sewed up. I stood awkwardly for a second, when I felt her hold my hand. I looked over, to see Zelda holding my hand, smiling, and singing. It made me feel assured that I will be okay, although I now hate her guts. I start to sing, and fall in tune for about only a very small amount of time. I'm loud, obnoxious, and Instructor Horwell has to keep signaling to me to quiet. Eventually I do, but it didn't fix the fact that I belted out the Goddess' song with such musical disgrace, I should have been lynched for it. When the song ended, I heard nothing. Everyone was appalled at me. Even my parents tried to act like I wasn't there. Zelda squeazes my hand tighter.

     All of a sudden, I hear "SJENN!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!" I look over to see him standing and applauding for me. I feel extreemly wonderful that he noticed me, because even though I knew I was terrible, he still loved me like a sister. He starts my parents' applaud, then everyone becomes proud of their little girls standing up there, one by one. I feel like he started my wave of popularity, and in a way, he did. Instructor Horwell lets us all mingle with our parents. I ignore my parents, and I smack right into him. We hug, and kiss the bases of eachother's necks (It was a small traddition that started as a secret handshake a week from that date. We still do it today). He pulls back, and I look at my chubby seven-year-old hero. He smiled widely, and I see all of his missing baby teeth as gaps in his head.

     "You're my best friend," I reminded him.      "It's not obvious?" He asked. He had a slight lisp (That is unfortunately gone, because I thought it was cute), so all his "ss" sounds were like "thhh" sounds. "I'll always be here, you know that," he said. I hugged him again. I whispered in his ear, "I love you, Groose. You're awesome." In that perfect moment, I knew he would always catch me, and always be there for me. I knew he loved me back like a brother, and that our friendship would never end.

     "Ohhh, sweet Hylia I feel so sick..." I mumble to myself. I try to remind myself of the day that Groose was there to catch me, but it's all falling to bits. We're now fourteen, the time where we are allowed to register for the academy. We're both sitting outside of the Knight Academy, both of us nervous wreaks. Groose and I took our final exams for the Knight Academy about a week ago, and we both walked out of the test room as if we were made of gold. Now after a week, my soul has been eating my body negatively. I can't eat or sleep, and I can't even hold up a decent conversation with Pipit or Link, my potential husbands that are marked on my list of elegible canidates for me.

     "I know I passed," Groose scoffed. I look up at him, and give him a death stare. His pompous attitude is making me want to throw up on him.