Young and beautiful

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Jannete's POV

While I was walking towards the car I was inspecting the glasses harry had given me.I smiled to myself and tried to process that he just randomly gave them to me, like if it was nothing.

It's sweet of him that he helped me to look for my sisters glasses.

Yah I guess we didn't find them and wasted time in the girls bathroom but at least that jim guy found them for Alexa.

I open the drivers door and turn to look at Alexa.

She's peacefully lying her head on the window with closed eyes.

I mentally smile and start the ignition.

The car warms up and I drive out of the parking lot.

While driving home I think of how sincere and random harry styles is, I'm glad I met him ... Which was a strange way but still I met him and he followed me on twitter.

The concert was so hyped.The songs and their voices were even more amazing in person.

What a night.

I pull Into the drive way and help Alexa out the car.I carry her to her room and set her down on her bed.

I go to the bathroom and get myself ready for bed.Once I'm done I cover my self with my blankets, I shut my eyes and drift off to sleep.


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