chapter 10

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Enoch (pov)

"Jake. Come meet Enoch properly."

I could hear Olive's voice in the hallway, addressing Jacob. Another Portman. What. A. Joy. I focus on the task at hand and I try to ignore the conversation I had just over heard between Nini and Jacob. So that's how she aged...she aged well. Very well. I swallow hard and shake my head to get rid of my thoughts.

The man of the hour steps in, awkwardly looking around and finally stops, standing in front of my desk.

"Well you must feel pretty out of place," the words come out before I can stop them. But then I realize, I didn't want to.

"Don't worry. I'm used to it." His reply mildly surprised me, seeing as Abe always seemed very comfortable wherever he went.

"Some advice for you though," I look up at him, "Man to man. If you think you're staying just because you like Nini, or even Emma, don't bother. You see, Emma swore off romance years ago when she got her heart broken. And she's never gonna change her mind. And Nini. Well Nidria just got back. So don't even think about approaching her. So..." I trail off and focus on the doll in front of me.

I could tell Olive was surprised at my words. She had expected me to mention Emma but as far as she knew, Nini and I still did not get along. To be completely honest, we still weren't friends. Things had definitely changed however, when she came back, older, and definitely a lot better looking than her 13 year old self. After the incident with my sweater, things had changed even more. I was snapped from my thoughts by Jacob's stupid muttering.

"Enoch, I wasn't...What are you doing?"

I ignored his words and continued to insert the heart into the doll that was laid out in front of me.

"Isn't he amazing?"

Olive's voice definitely caught my attention. I looked up at Jake.

"What...what did you do?" His voice trembled, revealing his uncertainty about coming into my room in the first place.

"This? Jake, this is not even the fun part. Do you want to see the fun part?"


I awoke to find Millard, or rather Millard's hat, floating above me. I quickly closed my eyes again and pretended to be asleep.

"Will she still attack me if I wake her up? No of course not Millard. Stop being silly. She's grown up and will understand that she needs to wake up and go downstairs."

I stifled a laugh when I heard Millard speak. I did tend to lash out at anyone who would disturb my sleep when I was younger. Very carefully I groaned and pretended to turn in my sleep, but grabbed Millard at the last minute and threw both of ourselves onto the floor.

"NINI NO," Millard's screech made me burst out into laughter.

"Nini yes," I could barely manage to get those words out because of how hard I was laughing. I got up and held a hand out to Millard, "well come on now, we don't want to be late."

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