Not A Chapter

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This is really cheeky of me and I apologise if some of you thought this was an update.

I've started a new story. I didn't plan to, but I find that I write lots of first chapters to stories and never finish them. I have about 20 notes on my phone of just standalone chapters.

Today I was bored and I read through a chapter I had written ages ago and I started to add to it. I found myself really engaging with the characters and I came up with a plan for the story. I've written a few chapters and have uploaded the first one.

I would love it if you guys checked it out. It's called Daisy (I couldn't think of a name and I really wanted to publish the first chapter as quickly as possible) and the picture is also shitty (again I couldn't think of an idea for the book cover).

It is completely different from this story, but I hope some of you guys will enjoy it.

The main character is the polar opposite to Indie. Daisy (the main character) is sarcastic, feisty and never backs down. It's about teenage assassins (sounds cheesy and cringy I know, but I really like the story), but there's going to be plenty of romance and twists along the way.

Even if only a few of you go and read it I'd really appreciate it and if you enjoy it I'll even upload more chapters.

Sorry again if you thought this was a new chapter☺️

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