Chapter three: Why Keep sparing?

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I am not so sure what happened, or even what took Chara so long to get out here but when she did I saw that Toriel did a number on her.

Chara walked up slowly towards the door, hurt and saddened to see Toriel upset, I heard her promise something, " when I free everyone I promise to stay with Mother forever!" I didn't understand. Mom adopted her.

Oh never mind that, time to follow the game now, although I want to break the code, cry for help, and see if Chara helps me...but I can't.....

"Welllll spared the life of a single person huh? Will you keep doing that in the future? What will you do when you meet a relentless killer? Will you kill out of frustration? Who knows? Only I do!" Then I do my creepy laugh to frighten them and vanished.

They looked around for me for a bit before going out to the bitter cold. I didn't follow for one: it's cold and two: the smiling trash bag  would see me. It wasn't long til I managed to catch up with them not he huge bridge. I saw that there were spikes and fire and things that could kill Chara. I had to rescue her, but as I got closer, they disappeared and I had to quickly vanish.

Soon they went into the town, I didn't want to go there so I just stayed put. Bet I'm boring you huh? Want me to tell you a story? Ok then...

"Once there was a girl who was all alone. In another town there was a boy who was also alone. Then they both died! The end!" I said laughing hysterically. I soon drooped down my petels  and sighed. "I'm soupost to have no emotions, but I see that I am feeling something...what is it?"

Then I saw a figure running over to me,"oh great, its him," I said as I put my best smile on. "Nyeh heh heh!" cried the skeleton as he approached me. Soon he stopped and huffed from being out of breath. "Did you do it?" I asked politely, "did you get the human?"

The skeleton, Papyrus, looked down at his red boots and sighed. "N-no, I'm afraid I have failed you again yellow flower." I kept smiling at him, but deep down inside I wanted to kill him. My rage burned inside me but soon went away when he told me this,"We went on a date and had fun, became friends, and told me a story about the king's son! I don't quiet remember the name of the son but I bet he is like the big fuzzy pushover himself."

I sighed and nodded before saying, "sounds like you did have fun. Where is the human off too now?" He looked at me and, with a great and mighty smile, said "off to Waterfall! They will soon meet Undyne! Maybe they will capture them! Nyeh heh heh!" Then he looked at the time, "oh my! It will be dinner soon. Goodbye my flower friend, see you later," and off he went into the upcoming blizzard.

"Undyne....she will surely get that human!" Then I vanished into the ground to begin my journey to Waterfall.

Howdy guys...sorry for this being so late....idk if I will be able to post both parts of the story but I will will try! No more putting my stuff aside! This is for the prince! Ngahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

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