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(I couldn't put the version with Eminem in it because it has swear words and I couldn't find a clean version. Soz)

Naomi's P.O.V.


I woke up and found myself on the floor. Why did I keep on falling off the bed? God knew. My butt was hurting as well. Ha- I said Butt. I looked up at the bed and saw the soft mattress that I could be on instead of this hard and dirty floor. I got back on the bed and looked for my phone under the pillow. I fished out my flip phone and opened it looking at the time. 


"WILLIAM JOHNSON!" I yelled making him snap his head up toward me. 

"What happened? Did the aliens rob us? I told you aliens were real," he said. Will is my older brother that I live with. 

"We're going to be late for school if you don't get your lazy butt out of bed," I said. Since we were poor and didn't have much money, we lived in this big tent thing. We only had one bed that we took turns to sleep on and lived somewhere that was really hot just in case there was a storm. We both had really old flip phones that worked just fine for us. William and I both had after-school jobs. He worked at Walmart after school while I babysat. I had this other secret job that no one knew about- not even William-  but it had really good money and that was exactly what we needed right now more than anything. We put all the money we earn together to pay our school fees and saved up the leftovers to buy a normal house. No one at school knew about this and we both liked to keep it like that. I had never met my parents but William had since he's older than me by a few months. My birthday was next week on Friday by the way.

I got up from the bed and walked toward the suitcases that had our clothes in them. I picked out random clothes and walked into the corner to change. Will walked out of the tent and toward the bathroom which was just the bushes. After I was done changing, I walked toward this tiny mini fridge we had. I looked inside and saw that we only had two eggs. I went toward the stove and started to make scrambled eggs. Will walked back inside and started to change into better clothes. "What're you making?" he asked sitting on one of the stools. 

"Eggs," I replied. I turned off the stove and put the food in front of him.

"You're going to eat, right?" He asked.

"Yep," I said popping the P. I sat on one of the stools and started to eat. Suddenly he pushed all the food in front of me. 

"You have the rest, I'm not that hungry," he said and as if on cue, his stomach started to growl. 

"I can see that," I mumbled sarcastically. "You're eating as well and I'm not taking no for an answer," 

"Seriously, I'm fine," he replied. I got up from the stool and walked toward my school bag. 

"You-" I said pointing at him, "eat your food, I'll eat something at school," 

"Are you sure?" He asked.

"Positive," I assured him. He then started to eat his food making me smile in victory. 


I heard my phone ring. I walked toward it and saw Liliana's number. Liliana was my friend by the way. "Hello," I greeted.

"Hey," she greeted back. "I just wanted to tell you that I'm not coming to school today so don't look for me,"

"Okay," I said, "bye," I then hung up.

"Let's go," Will said picking up his bag.  I followed him outside the tent and we walked to school. 


I walked into school plastering on a fake smile. I walked toward my locker saying hi to anyone I saw on the way. I opened my locker and got the books I needed for the first period. I slammed the locker door shut taking a deep breath before plastering on the same fake smile. The bell went making most of the students rush to class, not including the few people who were skipping class. I walked toward the art room and opened the door walking toward the very back of the class. I found a seat right at the back near the window and sat down. The teacher walked in and put her coffee on her desk. "Hello everyone," she greeted with a huge smile. "Today we're doing the project and we need to get partnered up." Everyone started to look at their best friends with smiles on their faces. "But I will be choosing your partners," she said making everyone groan. 

She got out a list and started read our names. "Collins Anderson and William Johnson." My brother was in my class as well. For some reason, I was at the end of the list. "Naomi Johnson and Dylan Parker," 

Ok, cool, I have Dylan park- WAIT WHAT? I'm pretty sure she meant THE Dylan Parker, the most popular guy in the school that hates me. 


I looked around for Dylan and saw him at the other side of the class glaring daggers at me. I smiled sheepishly and gave a small wave which made his glare harden if that's even possible. He slowly got up and walked toward my desk and sat down. He muttered something that I didn't really understand and put his feet on top of the table and leaned back listening to music. I decided to start a conversation with him so I cleared my throat and started to talk. Little did I know that was a bad, bad decision. He opened one of his eyes and gave me a bored look. "I'm Naomi," I said plastering on a huge smile and held my hand out for him to shake. Instead, he just scowled and closed his eyes again. "What were you thinking of doing for the project?" 

The teacher had told us that we were doing a project last week so we knew what we were doing. We had to draw or paint a picture expressing our feelings. He snapped both of his eyes open and glared at me. He took his feet off the table and turned his whole body toward me. "Listen, nerd," he spat making me frown. "I don't give about this project or you, I don't even know why they picked us to be partners, everyone knows that I hate you. So stop bugging me geek, do this project on your own," 

By the end of this speech, I was furious. How dare he talk to me like that?! He didn't even know what was going on in my life. "Why do you hate me so much?" I asked and I was actually surprised by how strong my voice turned out. 

"Because you're always smiling," he snapped glaring at me again. Seriously, what's up with him and his glaring? 

"So?" I asked. "What's wrong with always smiling?" 

"Everything," he said emphasizing the word. 

"Like what?" I asked him. Damn, asking so many questions. 

"You wouldn't understand," he muttered putting his feet back on the table and laying back. 

"How come?" He was pissed at me this time. His eyes snapped open and sat up straight. 

"Because a spoiled brat that gets everything she wants because of her daddy's money will not understand the things that I've had to go through!" He snapped raising his voice a little but somehow not catching the attention of any students or the teacher. "And quit it with the questions, geez,

"That's not true," I whispered looking down. 

"What part of it?" He asked impatiently. 

"All of it," I said. 


How are y'all? 

Hope you guys liked the first chapter. I'm getting really excited for the book. 

Naomi's character is supposed to be always happy and cheerful at school. Her character is supposed to hide all of her emotions so that she makes other people's days and make them happy, but because of her cheerful act, some people think she's a spoiled brat while others think she is very nice and outgoing. No one except Naomi's brother knows that she's actually dying inside. She feels like crying all the time because of her life and never being able to meet her parents. Till the next chapter,



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