Chapter 22 - Faith.

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Third Person's POV

'Lu, wake up.. I made breakfast.' Calum says and shake Luke, waking the sleeping boy up. Its the day after Christmas and Luke felt like Calum is still excited about something. 'What?' Luke says as he rubbed his eyes. 'I made breakfast come on.' Calum says and pulled Luke up by his hands, Luke letting himself get pulled up unwillingly.

Once Luke has already washed up, he let himself get pulled again, this time, downstairs. 'I made pumpkin french toast and cinnamon rolls, your favorite!' calum says and Luke nodded, saying a little thank you. Luke watched as Calum grabbed plates and glasses, setting it right in front of Luke. 'Aren't you gonna eat?' Luke asked as Calum put coffee in a tall mug for Luke. 'No, I-I need to go to the grocery. We're running out of foods.' Calum says and sets down the mug in front of Luke.

'But this is too many, It'll be a waste if you don't eat it.' Luke says and started digging in into his food. 'I'll eat it once I get back. I'll see you later.' Calum says and grabbed his phone and wallet before rushing outside.

Luke furrowed his eyebrows at Calum, he didn't even forced Luke to come with him. Maybe Calum is just really feeling joyful today,

In Calum's defense, he doesn't want to start another fight with Luke. Its still christmas for him and he doesn't wanna tire out luke. Michael said that he shouldn't give up, and he won't, and he will still think about Luke.

'Should I buy fireworks? Or should I not?' Calum asks himself and decided that he wont, not right now. He shopped groceries and everything, carrying 6 heavy bags on his small fists.

'Uh Luke? can you open the door?!' Calum says and Luke soon opened the door, taking the other 3 bags. 'Go and eat, I'll sort this out, its already lunch and you still haven't eat anything.' Luke says and Calum nodded, taking off his coat and started munching at his supposed to be breakfast that turns out to be his lunch.

'I have to go to work today. Someone called in sick.' Luke says, and Calum looked up at him, realizing that he's fresh from the bathroom and all dressed up.

'Can I come? I wanna see you work.' Calum says and Luke shook his head. 'No, you're just gonna be bored there, like, I have clients coming in, in a row and I wouldn't be able to talk to you or even see you. And you'll freak out at the clients so, no.' Luke says and Calum pouted. 'Okay, what time do you get off?'

'6-6:15. Don't worry, I'll eat here.' Luke says and Calum nodded. Luke grabbed an empty lunch box and started putting now cold eggs and soggy pumpkin toast in it. 'You're gonna bring that for break?' Calum asks and Luke nodded.

'Just leave it here and I'll eat it for snacks. I'll make you some enchiladas.' Calum says and stood up from the table, not even finishing his food so he can cook for Luke.

'Are you sure? Like, I can totally eat this even if this is soggy, I just hate cafeteria foods.' Luke says and Calum nodded. 'You can microwave this for a minute and it'll be warm. I'm sure you can ask some staff there to microwave them for you.' Calum says and started making the enchilada.

'Okay. I'll just do one last thing and I'll be ready to go.' Luke says and Calum nodded.

Once Luke was done, the enchiladas was cooked and calum wrapped it in an aluminum foil and put it in container.

'Great! That looks nice.' Luke says and Calum smiled. Luke grabbed the container and put it in his bag.

'I'm gonna go now.' Luke says and Calum followed him like a puppy wagging his tail. Once Luke opened the door, he looked at Calum.

'I'll see you later.' Calum says and Luke saw sadness and hope in his eyes, yet there's still a hint if enthusiasm in it. Luke knows what Calum is hoping for and he knows he can't just give it to him.

'Take care.' Calum says and Luke nodded once before closing the door and leaving.

Calum blankly stares at the closed door. A kiss or a hug would be nice. A little I love you and I will miss you would be good too. But he knows he just needs to more faithful.

Calum sighs, continue eating his food even though he doesn't have an appetite and cleaning the whole house after that.


Calum shivered as another wave of air hit the back of his neck. Its snowing and he's waiting for Luke to come out. Its already 6:14, Luke would be out soon.

As the clock hits 6:15, Luke came out of the building hurriedly. 'Luke!' Calum yelled and Luke turned to him, making Calum waved.

Luke walked closer to calum, 'what are you doing here?' Luke asked and Calum shrugged. 'I'm obviously fetching up. Come on, the dinner is still hot. There's no traffic today.' Calum says and Luke nodded, walking to his car.

On their way to the parking lot, Luke felt fingers entwine themselves on his. He looked down and saw Calum, grinning up on him. He just let him be and drove back home safely.

Once they got home and ate delicious dinner, Luke watched some news first before taking a quick shower and got ready for bed.

Luke came down grabbing a glass of water, he couldn't sleep without drinking one. 'Aren't you gonna sleep?'

'I'll watch a movie first.' Calum says, hoping that Luke would join him and they will both fell asleep like a cliché part of a movie or book.

'Okay. Goodnight.' Luke says and Calum nodded saying a little goodnight and following it with an I love you once Luke was nowhere in sight.

Once Calum finished the movie, he cleaned up and head to their room. Luke is already sound asleep, blanket wrapped around him.

Calum crouched down beside him, kissing him on the center of his forehead and the tip of his nose.

'I love you.'


Okay so what should I do next for the cake smut.

Should I do: where Calum owe Luke a money and he decided to repay it using other ways or

Should I do: where Calum is friends with Luke who likes his sister. A lot.

~ Anne

4 more days to go and its Christmas yay!!

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