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October was a rather busy month for both Harry and Mila.

Harry was busy working on a girl named Zelda's debut single, while Mila was bombarded with homework out the ass.

"When are you going home again?" Emma pestered, typing away to some unknown boy on her phone.
"I don't know, Em. Harry's been really busy lately and probably won't be able to get off work," Mila sighed, her flourescent pink highlighter gliding across the printed letters in her Psychology textbook. "Remind me again why I decided to go to college? I haven't been this stressed in forever."
"I'm pretty sure you were more stressed living out of your car for a few weeks." Emma taunted. Mila only shot her a disapproving glare.


"Louis, please don't be like this—"

"Leave me alone, Bexley. Do you honestly think that I want anything to do with you after what you did?" Louis shouted, the hairs on the back of his neck standing up in rage.

For some fucked up reason, Bexley had decided to pay a visit to Louis at work. He hadn't spoken a word to her since he found out about the faux pregnancy.

"Oliver's going to be born in a week and he needs a Daddy, Lou." Bexley cried, her blonde hair growing out at the roots, displaying her true, dark hair color.
"He's not my child!" Louis fumed. "He deserves a REAL family, not parents who bloody loathe each other!"

"I don't hate you," Bexley chirped.

"I can't say the same to you." He frowned. Bexley's heart sank at his words.

"How did this happen to us, baby? We were going to get married—Be a family..."

"Blimey, Bex! You really don't get it, do you? I never loved you! I was only going to shack up with you because I thought that you were carrying my child!"

Finally, the truth was all on the table. Louis sighed deeply, a sense of relief flooding over him as he shuffled around for paperwork on Sully, a three-year-old dolphin that he absolutely adored.

"You've out-stayed your welcome. Please leave before I phone security."

"Don't pretend like you never loved me!" Bexley screeched, tears flooding down her face, leaving thick, black tracks of mascara and eyeliner smudged on her cheeks.

"I didn't," Louis proclaimed, straightening up to display confidence. "All I did was stick my willy in you. If you would've never pretended to be pregnant with Oliver, I would have never called you again. You were a lousy shag anyways."

With that, Louis escorted himself from his dimly lit office and made his way towards the dolphin habitat.

"You'll regret saying that, asshole! Watch your back!" Bexley's voice exclaimed from behind him. He responded only with a harsh hand gesture before rounding a corner, leaving her abandoned in the hallway.


"Can you try and hit that note again? The C-sharp? You sounded a bit flat." Harry dully spoke through the microphone.

Zelda, whose name was actually Esmé Doraldo, was a bit of a drag to work with. She always sang flat, and grew annoyed when Harry attempted to fix it.

"It sounded fine to me." She snapped, crossing her thick arms across her chest. Zelda was a short, stocky girl with bright pink hair and a nose ring that made her look like a bull.

"Trust me on this, Zelda. The more you try to argue with me, the more agitated I'll become."
A finger rapped on Harry's right shoulder, annoyance boiling in his veins as he tore his attention from Zelda and to the intruder.
Amber, a sixteen-year-old girl who recently started as the front desk receptionist, stood before him. Her bottom lip quivered as she took in his pissed off stance.
"Sorry to interrupt, Mr. Styles. You have a visitor." She said.
Harry removed his headphones, long strands of curly hair tangling annoyingly in the cords. He desparately needed to chop his hair.
"Very well. Take ten, Zelda." His finger lifted from the microphone as he followed Amber out into the main lobby.
Little Millicent Tomlinson stood by the oak desk, her pink painted fingernails pulling at the skin on her chin.
"Harry!" She squeaked, her blue eyes widening. Her and Louis shared identical colored eyes.

"What's up, Milly?" Harry stammered. He still felt a bit awkward around her.
"It's Louis—He's been hurt—" she choked, tears dripping down her cheeks.
Harry's heart immediately stopped beating. A pain rose in his chest as his mind conjured up several scenarios that Louis' could've gotten himself into.
"The shark exhibit," Milly breathlessly replied. "He was cleaning it and he slipped and fell into it—The hammerhead named Alvin got hold of his leg—"
"Let's go. Now." Harry shouted, choking back tears as he retreived his keys from his pocket. "Amber, I must go. Tell Zelda that she is dismissed."
"Yes, sir." Amber squeaked as Milly and Harry left the building.
The ride to the hospital felt like an eternity. Harry's heart was beating so quickly that he feared he may die of a heart attack. Milly followed close behind him in her navy blue Honda Civic.
How badly had Louis been bitten? A bloody Hammerhead shark for fucks sake...
Harry pulled into the front spot of the parking lot, which was reserved for handicapped drivers. He couldn't care less if his Camaro got towed, he just needed to see him. He needed to see Louis.
He didn't even wait for Milly to park—He was already through the doors and in the building, shoving past visitors as he made his way to the desk.
"I'm here to see Louis Tomlinson." He spat.
The nurse gave him a glare, her glasses held lowly on the slope of her nose.
"Name?" She inquired. "Identification card?"
He thrust his hand into his pocket, removing his ID from the worn wallet and literally throwing it at her. He couldn't control himself—His hands were shaking so violently and he felt as if he'd keel over and die at any second.
The woman typed his information into the computer too slowly for his liking.
"Can you bloody hurry up!" Harry exploded, his hands in his curls. Surrounding visitors began to stare, as the automatic doors swung open, revealing Milly.
"Harry!" She called, wrapping her small arms around his tall frame. "Calm down. It's okay. Let the nice lady do her job."
"Sod off, Milly." Harry grumbled. Harry wasn't a nasty person, but when he was stressed, he turned into a real nutter.
"Harry, please. He's okay. He's alive. Please don't get your knickers in a twist." She scolded.
The nurse handed his ID back to him, as Milly handed her hers.
"Room 201." The nurse said.
"Brilliant." Harry snipped as she tied a bracelet around his wrist. He didn't even bother waiting for Milly as he made his way through the doors and in search of room 201.
A hoard of doctors and nurses crowded outside of the room, chatting away about Louis' injuries. Harry felt as if he'd hurl at any second.
"Excuse me." He announced, shoving past a broad shouldered nurse as he opened the door and entered without permission.
Louis lay on the hospital bed wide awake, his eyes glued to the telly as he ate soup from a small yellow bowl. His left leg was heavily bandaged.
"Harry," he sighed as his best mate wrapped his arms around the smaller boys neck.
"Bloody hell, Lou. What happened?" He begged, grabbing a plastic chair up behind him and sitting as closely as he could to the bed, his knobby knees smushed against the blanket.
"Alvin got me," he spilled.
"Grabbed my left leg from the knee down, thrashed me 'round a bit. I'm not the first one to have fallen in, but he didn't attack Stacy when she did. Guess he was havin' a bad day." 
"You don't need to justify him, Louis. He's a bloody shark who tried to take your leg off! Did any park guests see?"
"Yeah, could hear em screaming from inside the tank. Doctors had to drain some water from my lungs, they said I nearly drown."
"Louis! Why are you so calm about this?" Harry scolded as the door open once more, revealing a panicked Millicent.
"Lou," she cried, wrapping her arms around her brother as she cringed at the sight of his leg.
"M'glad they've got it bandaged up. Looks bloody awful." Louis grumbled. "Has anyone tried calling Mila?"

"I just found out and drove straight here. Milly, d'you want to call her?"
"I think you should, lad. She'd be offended if I did." Milly lightly argued, taking a seat on a mahogany couch across the room.
"They said they might have to chop it." Louis said casually. "Pretty deep bite marks in the muscle on my ankle."
"Are you going to quit? You won't go back, will you?" Milly pestered.

Louis' eyes darkened at her question. "What's that supposed to mean? Of course I'm going back. That job is my life." Louis argued, his eyes forming into slits.

"Christ, Lou! You almost died! I'm sure they'd understand if you quit!" Milly cried, jumping up from her seat in anger. Harry stayed silent. Even though he never wanted anything else to happen to his best mate, he knew how much he adored working at the aquarium.

"I just won't work with the sharks anymore, Mil."

"But what if another animal tries to hurt you?" His sister sobbed. It was almost comical, watching the duo banter back and forth in regards to Louis' career choices.
"Then I guess that's the way I'm going to go."
The room fell quite silent after that.
Louis' nurse, who called herself Jaenelle. She filled the fluids in his IV, and gave Harry a rather suggesting wink.
"He's taken, don't even try." Louis grumbled. The color drained from Jaenelle's face as she shuffled from the room.
"No need to be snippy," Harry countered as his mobile vibrated in his pocket. Shit, he forgot to tell Mila.
"Hello?" He answered, rising from his seat as Louis' eyebrows raised.
"We need to talk."

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