(Chapter 3) ~ The Connection

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A Bunny's Heart (Chapter 3) ~ The Connection

I heard my other half on the other side of the door after Kris led my to the room that he put my soulmate in. I moaned as I heard him say, "Enter, my love." I shivered and felt myself react to his words. I turned the doornob to enter the room. It was dark, which added to the mystery of my love. I went into hw room wonderig what he looks like. I felt my body reacting to his presence on the other side of the door. His aura was affecting my my body and soul. I santed to feel him inside me. I wanted to feel his skin on mine. I wanted to feel scared and like a prey being followed by a predator. I know that my soulmate is a snake and that is why I'm so happy. I can, now, feel the thrill of being desired.

"Come close. I want to have you now. I've been waiting for you. I can't wait until I get to have a...taste." The way he said that was as though he wanted to eat me, exactly what I hoped my encounter with my mate would be like. I could hear the slight slither in the way he said his words. He sounded like a snake hybrid. I shivered in anticipation of what I was to find.

"Don't be shy my love. I won't bite...yet. Won't you come to me?" I found myself walking slowly towards someone who could harm me in the biggest way, or make me the happiest bunny on the planet. I was eager to meet him. My legs were shaking slightly and I was anxious.

When I reached the foot of the bed, the temperature seemed to spike into the hundreds and I felt myself start to sweat. I crawled onto the bed and could make out the masculine figure on the bed, coaxing me to come closer. I felt the need to touch him, feel him, hold him, and to love him in a way that only I can, i could feel my body reacting in a way that it had never reacted before.

"Come and sit." He held out a hand and I immediately sat on his hand. Soon after I felt him plunge a finger into my hole and moaned as he started to thrust his finger into me. I clenched around that finger and felt the heat of out nature come together and start to bond.

Our auras mingled and started to mix and become one. I moaned as another finger made its way into me, massaging my insides with pleasure I couldn't have imagined i would be able to feel. "My bunny. How do you feel? Do you want more? Do you want to feel my cock inside you?"

"Yes. Please."

"How bad do you want me?" I was quivering with need as I felt another finger enter me. His fingers slithered into me deeper.

"Badly, really badly!" I shouted as he touched something within me that I didn't know was there. 

"Ah...I found it." He said mysteriously. His fingers moved once again and nudged that spot inside me that made me squirm and writhe on his hand. He, then, squirmed another finger inside me and continued to touch that spot...oh...that spot. 

"Please. I...I'm gonna cum. Please stop." 

"Oh, but I cannot. I am truly sorry, but I must learn your body in every way.  This is when we learn each other's likes and dislike, each other's turn ons and offs, and also each other's pleasue and displeasure. I must learn what scares you in a good way and what scares you in a bad way." His fingers coninued to nudge that special place within me and then I felt it, the heat. The heat that I had been longing to feel for a long time. I finally felt an orgasm. I tried, in the past, to force myself to have an orgasm, but cumming does not mean you've had an orgasm, for hybrids at least. 

The heat spread from the core of my body to my arms and legs, then my hands and feet,  and finally my penis. My juices cam flying out as he refused to stopp nudging and pressing that sweet spot.  I rode the orgasm and allowed myself to be swept away by this blinding pleasure as my vision started to fail me. I could only feel the pleasure of ejaculating my come. 

As the orgasm slowly faded so did my mate's fingers from inside me. "Do you understand, now, why I must explore and examine what make you, you? Will you allow me to continue?" His voice sent shivers up my spine and an involuntary moan escaped my throat, telling him everything he needed to know.

Suddenly his hand dissappeared and I, un consiously, sank to the bed, feeling my butt hit the smooth bed sheets.