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Hello my lovely cows, how are you?

Good? Good. 

Anyways before I actually start, I have something to say... MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

But it won't be Christmas when I post this story so... um, yeah... *Awkward cough* 

Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, the part where I tell you to not copy this story. 

DO NOT COPY THIS STORY! And if any of you people read any stories that seemed to be copied from my story, message me. If so many other people could come up with their own stories and get so many views, so can you.

And please don't advertise your stories here. If I see any comments here advertising their stories, their comments will be deleted. 

DO NOT HATE! If any of you people hate on my stories, you will be blocked and your comment will be deleted. If you don't like the story, then don't read it, no one's forcing you. 

Please don't swear in the comments, and if you do swear, at least cover it up some way because I want to be able to read and reply to all of the comments, especially the nice ones. 

Now about the characters, this is my story and if a character acts a certain way, don't spam me with comments telling me to change their behavior. This is my story and the characters are going to act the way I want them to act. 

Now back to all you beautiful people, y'all are amazing and are the reason I keep on writing. 

Thank you all so much for pressing on this story and letting it entertain you. 

Happy reading,



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