The second night

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Ty saw the ghost once more.

'Hey buddy', his friend Max would greet him in the early mornings.
'What are you staring at?'.
Ty was fixated on people. He could read them just by looking at them. It was a gift, not many people had.
'Nothing. Hey have you done the film study homework?', said Max, interrupting his thoughts.
'No', he replied blatantly.

The bell rang and he went to his class and sat on the back seats. No one really cared about Ty, he was a misfit but he only exists in he shadows. No one dares to tease him or talk to him.
Kayla Romford was up first to present her story. She had a PowerPoint to show. Kayla was a bit of a freak. Ever since she was blackmailed by her ex and he had exposed her illicit photos, she went a bit weird. With her stunning jet black hair and grey eyes, Ty found her quite amusing. She'd sit in front of him. He could see her thoughts and the things she day dreamed about was so mesmerizing.
But when she was talking about her story out loud, it was boring and so solemn. Then she was interrupted by Kyle.
'Boring, show us your tits!', he yelled and threw spitballs at her.
The teacher was busy on his computer, he did not care.
She sighed and sat back down.
Today she day dreamed about blue birds and the tropical villages.
She dropped her book and it landed in front of Ty. He picked it up and gave it back to her.
'I think the blue birds are amazing', he whispered.
'How do you-', she was interrupted by her friends.
She gave him a half weird smile and the bell rang.
Ty stood up from his table and went to grab his bag but the teacher interrupted him.
'I'm expecting something great of you Ty', Mr Lear said. 'You have to do something good for once Ty. All you have to do is study the aspects of either Emotion, spiritual, social or Environmental and put one of them into a film', he says and gives him a pat on the back.

The bus drops him off at his house. The huge mansion with 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The one with marble walls and grand structures inside.
His mother is quite wealthy but all she does is Smoke in the house.

He walks in the house and drops his bags and goes to his room.

'Roast chicken is ready Tyron', his mother says in a shallow voice.
He smiles at her and goes to his room.
Ty walks into his closet and brings out his boots, slips them on and puts his bomber jacket on.
He opens his window and jumps out, making his way into the snowy forest.

Beautiful Purple flowers cover the snowy floor. Ty is careful not to step on them as it is bad luck. The snowy environment seems cheerful today. He climbs a tree and looks over at the beautiful scenery. Then he sees the ghost. Ty climbs down from the tree and runs to the spirit who is sitting down at a lot near a stream.

'I met someone', said Ty.
'She's extraordinary and wonderful', he says to the ghost.
The spirit wraps the transparent cloak around and starts to walk. Ty follows the ghost until they both reach the main road.
There's someone on the side of the road. The spirit furously shakes him, Ty. His ash brown hair sprawled across his lifeless face on the road. Another version of him, he looks like he got hit by a car. Ty stops the ghost, reaches in to pull the cloak off but there's nothing and the cloak falls to the ground. Every time, the cloak is ripped off, there's nothing inside. Maybe the ghost is Empty and needs a friend, the thinks.
His mother wakes him up.
'Ty!', she shakes him awake.
'Dinners in the fridge', she says and walks out of his room, closing the door shut.
He sits upright and looks at the small blue pill in the palm of his hand. He realized that he did not take it.

There's a bang at his window. Alarmed, Ty gets up from his bed and looks through the glass. A broken blue bird is on the snow below his window, twitching. 'What the hell is a blue bird doing here, in the middle of winter!', he says to himself and peers out the window. Far ahead he sees the spirit wandering in the forest.

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