Izeiah's Pov

"Ivan do you have an extra magazine?"

Just in case.

"This was so uncalled for that I only brought a dagger and a gun with bullets that's no more than 5 with me." He whispered.

"You could have atleast grab an extra."

"I did."

"Then where is it?"

"It was empty." He plainly said.

"Why the fuck would you keep an empty magazine? Are you a freaking hoarder?"

"Can you not cuss? Hindi mo bagay, honestly."

"It makes me sound more mature." I told him and flipped my hair.

"Reality hurts, dear, but I hate to break it you, it only makes you a naughty child that shouldn't be in Santa's nice list." Sabi ni Ivan at nakuha pang ngumiti. Natigilan naman ako.

If I don't get in the nice list, I won't get any chocolates from Santa. Fuck it. Oh shit. Stop. I should bribe Butler Chan to steal the nice list so I can write my name down.

"Ivan this is boring. You should have kicked the door so that it will stir a commotion but noooooo, you have to use a silencer." I complained after minutes of walking without anyone to play with.

"I excell at this sport called, Play-it-easy game. Don't even ask about"

"Yeah, right" 

Bumagtas kami sa kataka- takang lungga. I'm a walking dictionary.

Anyway back to the present... pumunta kami sa isang hallway only to find a crowd gathered talking about their plans.

"I'm sorry we're late." Nagmamadaling sabi ko. Biglang may naghagis ng kutsilyo. Ngumisi naman ako.

"Just in time, Girlie."

"Hell yeah, Fattie"

Pumaligid saamin ang mga iba.

"Where is your boss?"

"Master Gythe?"

"Sike." I replied back to rhyme with him.





Bigla siyang lumayo at inilabas ang kanyang baril at walang pasabi sabing nagpaputok.

"Sino kayo?" Sigaw niya saakin.

"Obviously, we're the one who's going to use the eraser for big mistakes to remove you from the world you don't belong in."

"Puta ka. Ikaw ba ang pumatay sa Master namin?!!"

"You just told me he's alive but if you're asking me about the future, yes I did"

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