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"Mei, have you seen my eyeshadow pallets?" Hana asked me.

"I do hair, not makeup. I don't think you should lose things so much as a makeup artist. Especially on the nights of shows," I spun back and forth in my chair.

"I should've known you'd just insult me," She picked up a box that was on one of the other makeup artists desks, "I also should've known that Eun Sun steals my makeup all the time." She sighed and sat down in her chair.

"What's wrong? Can't you just tell her to stop stealing your makeup?"

"I don't like working for exo, having five makeup artists and five hair stylists cramped into one room is already bad enough, and Tao is always rude to me, and if I accidentally poke Chanyeol he screams."

"You have to remember that Chanyeol always screams. Tao falls asleep when I do his hair," I tried to keep a straight face when talking about Tao.

"What? He looks extremely threatened and alert when I do his makeup," She looked offended, "What are you guys a couple or something? You know when you comb somebody's hair it means you're in love?"

"We aren't a couple. Plus that would mean Chanyeol and I are in love too."

"So, it's Chanyeol that you're in love with!"

"No, it's... nevermind."

"It is Tao! You are in love with him!"

"If you tell a soul I will destroy your happiness and your makeup."

"Okay, but this is so exciting. I can't believe you have a crush on Tao! Does it turn you on when you touch his hair? Maybe I should have a crush on one of the boys so we can go on double dates! What about Xiumin? He's pretty cute! Or Yixing! We can both date Chinese boys! Oh, I get it! You like him because he's Chinese like you, but I must admit if it's because he's Chinese, Yixing is a lot nicer, but he does tend to forget things. Mei loves Tao!" I looked up into the mirror as Hana continued babbling. I saw not only my reflection, but Chanyeol's and Baekhyun's. I threw a spray bottle at Hana.

"Oh," she laughed nervously, "How long have you two been here?"

"Mei loves Tao! Mei loves Tao!" They both chanted.

"Why did it have to be you two who walked in. Out of anyone who could've walked in it was you two idiots," I sighed.

"With that attitude we aren't going to keep your secret!" Chanyeol furrowed his eyebrows angrily.

"Sorry, sorry. I'll be nicer to you guys I'll even bake you cookies. Just please don't say anything to Tao or the other members."

"I'm not sure that's enough to keep us quiet," Baekhyun folded his arms and smirked devilishly.

"No, Baek, it's enough. She does my hair, remember, so you can't make her mad she might hurt me," Chanyeol said, "You're secret is safe with us."

"Thanks," I let out a sigh of relief.

"Now that I'm here before Tao you can do my hair first and you two can have extra time together," Chanyeol laughed.

"If you keep talking like that I will hurt you."

"Eun Sun! Eun Sun! Noona! Please hurry!" Baekhyun screamed down the hall. I'm pretty sure everyone hated Eun Sun. She stole other people's makeup and she was like thirty-five and grumpy constantly. All the other girls were around twenty. I was the youngest, being eighteen. Hana was twenty, but acted like a two year old. I didn't really talk to the other girls except for Hana, because we're roommates.

"Don't you feel kind of bad for Baek and Yixing-hyung. They have to get their makeup done by that witch," Chanyeol said.

"I really don't want to hear what you guys have to say about me then."

"We don't really talk about you badly. I do sometimes because you hurt me."

"Only when you irritate me, Chanyeol."

"Also you never call me oppa. It hurts me,"  he clutched his chest dramatically.

"I don't call anyone oppa. Let's go wash your hair."

"Not even Tao?"

"No," I sprayed his hair with cold water just for saying that.

Blow drying Chanyeol's hair was my favorite. Because he didn't talk to me. I glanced over at Tao. Hana was holding his chin in her hand. It made me jealous.

Chanyeol screamed, "You can't leave the blow dryer on the same section for two long! It'll burn me!"


I gave Chanyeol his regular messy look and he checked himself out in the mirror, "Sexy as always, Chanyeol oppa, but you're not complete, yet," he said to himself. He left. Tao filled his place a few moments later.

"What're you thinking? The usual?" I put my hands on top of his head and we both looked into the mirror.

"I'm kind of bored with it being just straight. Could you make it messy like Chanyeol's?"

" I guess, but it will take longer," this was fine with me.

"That's okay."

"Alright let's go wash," he stood up. He was a lot taller than me, so was Chanyeol. I always felt intimidated every time they stood up.

I ran my fingers through his hair, his eyes were closed. He looked so peaceful and gorgeous. I massaged his head with the shampoo, it made him moan a tiny bit, surprising me.

I plugged the blow dryer back in, not really paying attention. I tripped over the cord and landed in Tao's lap.

He grabbed me by the waist and helped me back to my feet, "Are you okay?"

"S-sorry, oppa!" I bowed in an embarrassed manner.


"S-sorry, I didn't mean  to call you that," I laughed nervously.

"I don't mind, I've just never seen you call anybody oppa before."

"I don't call anybody oppa. I said it because I felt bad for landing on you," That was a lie. I called him oppa because he touched my waist.

"That's okay, it was an accident." I nodded and started to blow dry his hair. He was asleep by the time I was putting messy curls in his hair. He woke up when I started spraying hair spray.

"Sorry for waking you," I apologized.

"I shouldn't be sleeping when you're doing my hair if I don't want to be woken up."

"I guess you're right. You made a good choice with the messy look, it suits you."

He laughed, "You mean I'm messy."

"No, you look very handsome."

"Thank you," he smiled shyly.

"Boys! I need you on stage in five minutes!" A manager called.

"Looks like we finished just in time. Good luck!" I held my hand up for a high five. He nodded and accepted my high five, following the rest of the boys out of the room.

"So, how'd it go with Tao?" Hana took a drink of water as we stepped into the hallway.

"Awkwardly, as usual."

"I saw that lap thing," she giggled, "I can't believe you called him oppa."

"Well, did you see how he grabbed me? Do you blame me? Also he moaned when I was washing his hair, holy shit."

"I just came back to get my water, is this a bad time?"

"Suho?! Please don't say anything!"

"Don't worry I won't," he smiled sweetly, grabbed his water bottle, and left the room.

"I have a great idea, Mei."

"If it's that we should not talk about Tao here I agree."

"Yup, let's go."

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