No Place Like Home by @kinky_geek

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Title: No Place Like Home

Author: kinky_geek

Genre/Style/Subgenre: Teen Fiction

Tags Used : brokenhome, friendship, highschool, romance, hurt, teenager-Problem


Review :

This is a story about a boy named Gandana who were looking for a place that he can call 'Home'. Genre is a teen fiction. But that got me interested, the theme is not always about teenage love story. Maybe if I can say, this story could get into the slice of life.  The storyline shows how a Gandana who live in between two different families. His father's family along with a stepmother and stepfather, along with his mother's family.

I do not usually like slice of life with a little love story like this. But I like the way the author tell it in words. The writing is so flowing, especially the simple conversation between Gandana and family. Moreover moments between Gandana and his half sister, they are too sweet.

The author kinky_geek is known for Adult Romance work he had ever written before. NPLH is the first work of the author of the teen-themed. Without any seasoning erotic, this story managed to steal my attention.

I highly recommend this story to you if you like to read stories with storytelling flow. Conflict raised indeed quite serious. But you would not be made too headaches.

Review by fagugu

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