chapter 7

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March 23, 2016
*a little over a month later*

I grab the basket and walk outside into the yard. Fiona is in the gardens with Hugh, and Olive and Enoch are most likely upstairs. I can clearly see Horace tying to read under one of Fiona's bushes. Claire runs up to me hugging and begging me to play with her and I tell her that I'll join her when I finish my chores.

After my first day back in the loop, The Bird told me that I would keep doing the same chores I had 3 years ago, before I left, which were laundry, dishes, and helping Olive make tea. As I gathered all the clean clothes, I spotted my rust colored sweater. Ah yes I thought I've been looking for you. I slipped the sweater on over my t-shirt and leggings and rolled up the sleeves, seeing as it was too long.

I made my way back up the path wondering where Emma and the twins were. I went room by room putting everybody's clothes on their bed. The last room I went into was Enoch's. This past month had definitely been...awkward between Enoch and I. There has been no more hostility since that day in his bedroom. Just awkward glances and one person avoiding the other. I know that the others have noticed, but thankfully they haven't said anything. As I walk through the door that leads to his bedroom, I realize that neither him or Olive are in here. Makes me wonder where Olive is because Enoch is most likely downstairs gathering some hearts. As I place his clothes down onto his bed I hear someone clear their throat.

"Why on earth are you wearing my sweater?" I spin around to see a smirking Enoch (what is it with him and his smirks?) leaning against the doorframe.

"What do you mean?" I ask while looking down at my sweater, "I'm not wearing your-" I stop, not recognizing the garment I was currently wearing.

"Oh uh, haha I am wearing your sweater," as I look more carefully at the sweater I start realizing it's nothing like mine. Its much too soft and it slips off my shoulder. How did I not realize it wasn't mine before?

"Here Enoch, let me give you you're sweater back," I begin slipping my arms out, ready to pull it I've my head when his voice stops me.

"No, no Nidria. You can keep it, I uh, I know how easily you get cold and it's no secret you like big sweaters."

It's true. My blood circulation isn't the best and I'm constantly freezing my arse off. I slowly put my arms back in and eye him cautiously.

"Are you sure?"

"Positive," Oh look. His smirk is back. I grab the basket and start moving to the door.

"Thank you Enoch," I stop in front of him, "this means a lot to me."

Then for some unknown reason (I really will never know and I will never live it down), I go up on my tiptoes and plant a small kiss, on his cheek, and step out of the room, not seeing him look down and blush.

"That will be enough. Thank you Olive. Nobody likes over boiled tea."

The sound of Miss Peregrine's voice greets me as I step into the kitchen and I immediately set out a few mugs for Olive to pour the tea into. I turn to The Bird only to see a pair of light blue eyes in front of me.

"Let me help you with those Enoch," Olive's voice brings my attention over to the boy in question and I feel my cheeks heat up immediately. Enoch glances at me and immediately looks away and I see his ears turn pink.

"Don't bother. I wouldn't want to interrupt your little tea party," and with those words, the dead-riser takes his jars and marches upstairs. Olive and I exchange glances before she runs up to meet him. I turn back to The Bird to see her staring at me. Her lips curled up into a smile and I feel my cheeks heat up even more. She can't possibly know about what happened. Right?

"Miss Luna. Seeing as you're the only one who stayed behind, I'd like you to meet Mister Portman."

I glance at the boy next to her. Awkwardly tall. Dark hair. He looks up and sticks his hand out.

"Jake. Uh Jacob Portman. Nice to meet you," I take his hand and smile at him, knowing how weird all of this must be for him.

"Nice to meet you Mister Portman." No sooner have the words left my mouth than The Bird takes two cups of tea and whisks Jake away and into the gardens.

"Shall we take our tea outside?"


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