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Pen Your Pride

Hey guys. I know that last chapter was short but I am not lying when I say I had major MAJOR writers bkock when writing that and then the premiere of Living Life was coming out so my mind was all wrapped around that. So sorry for that. I hope you still enjoyed it. Heres the next chapter and lets hope its not short.

I can't say the book is comig to an end just yet but we'll see as we go on because there is more surprises to come


Btw I have no idea how the polive thing works so I'll make it up as it goes.


The area fell in silence and I wasn't sure who to confront first, Tamara or the police. I rolled my eyes at my feiend as I turned to the cop and the lawyer. "Will everything be Ok?"

The cop gave me a hesitant look. "Not really. We have to go to jury in Brooklyn, whith the judge that assigned him the warnings. There's a slm chance he might make it."

"If Alex's parents agree to let him go he's free but if not, its fifteen years in jail," Mom explained.

"Fifteen?!" I exclaimed.

"Its not final yet. There's lots of papers to be signed and agreements to be make." She bent down and craddled my face in her hands. "Its going to be fine."

I puled away harshly, the aggravation I felt at the beginning piling up. I looked at my best friend, back at my step brother,then back Tamara. In a fustrated groan, I stalked out, Precious's head dropping in Mom's hands.

I paced, cursing myself for wearing heels today. The see through door of the staion popped opened and Tamara popped out, Kalee following her. "Serena are you Ok?"

I spun around. "Ok? Does it look like I'm Ok? And what do you mean you slept with Clifford. When did you have time to do such things. You're a fucking virgin and you lose it to the person you're suppose to hate most?!"

Some people have stopped to stare at us. I even heard a toddler ask her parent what's a virgin

Tamara looked at me regretfully. "I'm sorry. I wanted to tell you but I knew you would get mad. Like you are now."

I stopped pacing and stared at her. "Why him? You've had a hundred guys literally begging you to sleep with you and you choose my stepbrother? Were you drunk?"

She closed her eyes as a tear slipped out her left eye. "No, I wasn't drunk," she whispered.

I snapped, "then why him? Why my brother?!"

At that moment, my mom walked out with the lawyer and Clifford. Tha lawyer, Mark something, shook hands with Mom and walked off, his black knee coat making him look totally out of fashion. My glare snapped to my stepbrother. I don't even think I felt anger towards him anymore. Disappointment was more like it.

"You slept with Tamara?" I growled as Cam and Bruce stepped out of the station.

Clifford's eyes widened in surprise and glanced at Tamara. "You told her?"

"I had to," Tamara weeped, "it was killing me."

"Oh so what, I wasn't suppose to know at all?" I yelled.

Completely igonoring me, Clifford walked towards a crying Tamara and envloped her in his arms, his big frame almost swallowing her whole frame.

I looked at them in horror. "Who are you people? When did you all change?"

Cam pulled me to him and I hated the confort I felt as he held me. "Stop," he whispered in my ears. "Be quiet for a second. When we get home, we can talk about this. You're yelling is stressing you out and that's bad for the baby."

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